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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The inevitable has arrived....

Hi all.

Today I want to talk about being on a Low Buy. I came to the realization that I needed to cut down my makeup spending after going crazy and ordering a lot of blushes from Rock & Republic for $20 each!!

I don't know about you, but for me that's a lot for blushes. Yes, I know they are HUGE (9 grams), ridiculously pigmented, packaged amazingly, and half off. However, I still cringed when I pressed ENTER on a $100 order. I will elaborate more on that later.

Anyway, going on a Low Buy is a way for me to cut down my makeup spending without depriving myself. We all know how well that could end (starvation diets, anyone?). It basically means that you get a makeup allowance every week. If you don't spend it, the amount roll over to next week. I've set $20 limit for myself every week.

Example: Let's say I want to get UD Naked palette this week, but it costs more than $20, so I have to not spend anything this week in order to have enough money to get it next week. However, if I wanted some Wet N' Wild l/s at $2 each, I can go ahead and spend the $20 limit on it.

A lot of ppl might read this and go "WTF? $80 is A LOT to spend on makeup every month!". Trust me, I spend A LOT more than that right now. I hope this goes well or else I have to join Over-spender Anonymous, for realz.

Anyways, in the mean time, I have a lot of products to use up. The items I'm planning on using up in August are shown here:

Group pic:

Skincare breakdown:

--Biore Detoxify Daily Scrub <--I use it on my face 3x a week. However, sometimes I feel that the exfoliating particles in this don't work as well as my Purity Microdelivery wash, so now I use it on my body. It should be gone soon. :)

--MAC Cleanse Off oil <--My HG makeup removing oil. It's so effective and inexpensive compared with others. Since I wear a full face of makeup everyday, I use this daily and hopefully it should be gone in a month or two.

--Biore Revitalize 4-in-1 Self Foaming wash <--I love the cooling sensation of this. However, it doesn't last me a long time. Usually a bottle is done in a month and a half, so hopefully I can finish this soon. I can't wait to concentrate solely on Philosophy Purity Made Simple wash.

--Merlot Grapeseed Day lotion <--Really light and refreshing. This is my 2nd pot. I don't have much left, I hope it can last me 2 more weeks. After this I will start using my Kiss My Face moisturizers. :)

Makeup breakdown:

--Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer <--My 2nd tube and I still love it.

--Coverblend concealer in Light <--I love it for covering under-eye circles. I've had it for a LONG time though, so I'm kinda bored with it.

--Milani Glow Natural foundation in Fair to Light <--I have like 2 back ups for this. I'll be set for a while.

--MAC MSFN duo in Medium <--THIS DOES NOT GO AWAY. I've been trying to use it up for months now. It just DOESN'T budge!! Ugh.

--L'oreal Double Extend mascara <--I use it on top of Maybelline lash stiletto wp mascara. Good stuff.

--Maybelline Lash Stilettos wp mascara <--keep my lashes curled and defined. :)

--Physician's Formula Gel Liner for brown eyes <--AMAZING!!! I'm almost done w/ the brown and purple and just started working on the black. I hope this can last me a while b/c PF doesn't go on sale anymore. :(

On a side note, this always makes me LMFAO!! Start watching at 1:00

I love him. I think he needs to get his own TV show. That's all.

Thanks for reading guys! I will be heading off to Miami tomorrow and will take a mini vacay til the 11th. I will see you soon!




sherri said...

I wish you the best on your low buy, I've put myself on a no buy and I'm working hard at it.

I don't know why that crime scene tech was wearing no gloves or shoe guards etc.

mandy said...

Low-buys, no-buys, project _ pans always sounded hard to me. Lots of respect for those that can do it lol I haven't gotten to a terrible spending point but thats probably because I have no income (i'm a student lol) Thank goodness. But I wish you the BEST of luck with your Low-Buy. It sounds very ideal, but no one knows what'll happen until it does ^__^ Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Wow that's a lot of product to use up. Good luck on that too! I love to hear about when others finish products :D

Does the cleanse off oil dry our your skin? All the cleansing oils I've used so far has always left my skin tight and flaky after I use it :\ Maybe because it's not higher end...

Sorry to bombard you with so much to read :X Thank you loads if you get to this last message! hehe ^^;

Askmewhats said...

that Merlot is really intriguing, you've used up a lot :)

Maria Elizabeth said...

Good luck with your low buy! I lovee the cleanse off oil and the physician's formula liners. They're awesome.

Jela said...

oh I just wish we had the Rimmel primer where I live! everybody seems to like it a lot! sometimes I think that ppl here in this country have no idea what primer sad...

Penelope said...

Great idea for the low buy! I have spent more on makeup than ever after becoming a beauty blogger, and need to tone it down a bit too!

roxy said...

good luck!

i did a no buy earlier this year and saved up quite a bit of money for my trip to europe.

you can do it!


~Lisa said...

Good luck on your lowbuy!!
Hope all goes well!!

& I agree, that man in the video is funny!!

Charming Vanity said...

Hope ur low buy project goes well! =)
Enjoy reading all ur posts..

April said...

I have been watching that video for days since it came out. " Ya'll need to hide your kids, hide your wife!" My favorite part is "your dumb, you really dumb for realz" hahahah! Have you seen the song version? LOL! Great post!

Permanent Make Up said...

first of albest of luck for your low buy! I really love the cleanse off oil and the physician's formula liners. They're awesome.

Permanent Make Up

Misa said...

Ugh, that video is the bane of my existance. I live in Huntsville, you should have seen my face when I was watching the news and saw that fool on television!! (We're not all that crazy down here btw!)

Well, LOL I know you already broke your low-buy, but from here on in, I hope you succeed in it and using up your products. I have products I really need to use up too. I go on complete shopping bans from time to time. Seems hard, but it's lots of willpower!