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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm so sick of it....(rant ahead)

This post is long overdue, and yes, I will sound like a whiny b*tch through out the post, so this is a warning to all you "overly sensitive" ppl out there. You can still get out by hitting that little x on your window.

I've been getting 10+ messages EVERYDAY on Youtube from people asking whether or not I can send them free makeup.

The messages usually come in two forms:

1. Pity stories.

Ex 1: "Oh, my sister and I get bullied at school b/c we can't afford makeup. You have so much, it won't hurt you send us some. We'd be forever grateful."

Ex 2: "I'm so sick the only thing that makes me happy is makeup. Would you mind sending me some?"

2. Guilt trip

Ex. 1: "OMG YOU HAVE SO MUCH MAKEUP! Why do you need so much? Do you know that there are ppl all over the world dying from starvation/AIDS/etc etc?!! I suggest that you do mandkind a huge favor and giveaway your unused makeup. *insert their down address*"

Ex. 2: "Aren't you a Guru and receive a lot of products from companies for free? I know how you gurus operate! You get free stuff and do a fake review, and then just throw the stuff away. Surely you can't use all of that. I'm really in need of a ______, would you please send me some?"

Another form of messages I get are ppl accusing me of lying in the reviews because I get stuff sent for free. Really now?!! IS THIS REAL LIFE?!

*Tao explodes*

First of all, let me address the last issue by saying that by NO means do I consider myself a "Guru" or a "professional". I do Youtube videos/blog posts purely from a private consumer point of view. I don't know EVERYTHING about makeup.

Do I know a lot?

Because I f*cking spent most of my money on makeup/beauty related things so I KNOW what most of the hype is about. I educate myself by doing research online/reading books on beauty related materials.

Do companies send me stuff to review?
Yes, but VERY rarely. As you can tell, I'm not super famous/popular like some Youtubers, so I don't get sent stuff frequently. However, when I do, I make sure in all of my email correspondence to let the companies know that I will be 100% honest in my reviews. I think my subscribers/followers deserve to know all the facts/my experience is with the products, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I'm well aware that there ARE a lot of controversies revolving some Youtubers who give out false advertising just because they got the products for free. However, didn't your parents/teachers teach you to NEVER generalize? Just because SOME ppl do it does NOT mean EVERYONE does it. I understand that my subscribers like me because I tell it like it is. If something sucks, I will tell them, be it free or not. It took me years to gain the trust from subscribers, it'd be silly of me to just throw that all away because of some free products.

BTW, did I mention that I DON'T get free things that much? Good. Just want to make sure that we are on the same page.

With regards to ppl asking me for free makeup....Here's your answer:
NO. I WILL NOT GIVE YOU FREE MAKEUP, especially if you try to guilt trip me or tell me pity stories.

I was bullied in school, A LOT, because at that time (for the period of like 6 months) I didn't speak English. I don't think getting makeup would've solved that. The only way to make sure that you DON'T get bullied is occupy yourself. Fill your schedule with extracurricular events so the bullies won't get chances to isolate you. Educate yourself and physically train yourself by working out, so you can be BETTER than them, SMARTER than them, and STRONGER than them.

Next up, if you are truly suffering from a major sickness, wouldn't you want to spend your time and energy with your loved ones instead of begging strangers online to send you free makeup? It just angers me just because it's ppl like these that take credibility away from the legitimately sick people.

Lastly, I BUY MY MAKEUP WITH MY OWN MONEY. I don't have to apologize for the rest of the world for that. You spend your money on partying/clothes/booze, I spend my money on makeup.

Want more makeup? Spend less money elsewhere!

If I wanted to give away makeup, I would've hosted a giveaway like I did in the past. I'm not going to do it just because some ppl told me to. For all I know, they could be richer than me!

Ugh. Things like this make me not want to do Youtube/Blog anymore. I know most of you are so sweet and supportive, but some ppl are just so intolerable.

Whatever. I'm over it. I'm going out for dinner.

Stay safe,


P.S. I just needed to get this off of my chest. Sorry if I ruined your mood. :(


Anonymous said...

Well said sista, well said!

mumuji said...

lol its so funny to know some things that people actually write to you! Seriously? How cheap can one get to make stories up and beg for freebies? I'm sure it gets annoying for you and sorry to hear about that, but its just funny how these people actually think that you would send them anything!

Silly Lilacs said...

Dude, didn't ruin my mood at ALL! Totally understand where you're coming from...(well maybe not, since I'm not popular enough for people to ask me for free makeup lol) But I suppose some people think the sit back on couch and beg strategy works...-.-

I'm on twitter and there is this professional MUA that complains of other people emailing her for client dude wtf are you serious? She earned her customers by her hard work, annnnd you expect her to give you, a stranger, that info just like that?

Honestly? Really? REALLY really?!? *throws hands up in air* I don't understand people sometimes! LOL I save money for makeup like, "oh I want Chipotle today...nah, that's 1/2 of a lipglass" or whatever I really want at that moment. Ironic that I don't even OWN a lipglass lmao but you get my point haha

Random...but I didn't know that you didn't speak English for a period of time! I didn't either when I first came here to the US =D

Haha so do you feel a bit better now that you've ranted a bit? ;)

And I vote for generic msg that you can copy and paste into each message XD

Anonymous said...

Wow... I don't blame you for ranting. It's ridiculous people even have the nerve to send messages like these. You're not inclined to do anything for these people. Your posts makes me abit annoyed. These people need to buy their own damn makeup. Then again YouTube is full of people that think they can say anything.

Sherri said...

I didn't know people were begging for makeup. Have they ever heard of ELF or the do or the drugstore? Everyone can afford makeup
I think your reviews are honest and true and that's why I love watching your vids and reading your blog. Just ignore them.

KimWen said...

I did not know ppl actually go on youtube/blogger begging ppl for free makeup. i agree with you go spend your money on it and spend less on other things if you need it that badly. can't believe ppl expect things handed to them. Don't let those people in the world stop you from doing what you are amazing at and love. keep up the good work on your blogs and vids. i love your make up looks!!

Jules said...

Hey Tao. I'm sorry to hear that you have to deal with all this crap on youtube. I completely agree with you and don't blame you for feeling annoyed. I can tell you this, I love love loveeeee your videos! I literally go to your channel to look up certain products just to hear your take on it because I know your opinions about them are sincere. You know..because of you I actually bought CoverBlend exuviance concealer so please continue to make videos and I wish you the best of luck in everything.

charlieFlii said...

good 4 u! glad u stuck to ur guns! some ppl have no shame

Maria said...

You go girl!

tsuki said...

Ayayay, some people just have no decency. Everyone has control of their own money... if these people want nice makeup, they need to save up and buy some instead of begging you for it!! Not cool at all... just delete those emails and ignore them ^_~

Jamie said...

hey tao~ i'm your follower for a while now and i dont think i ever commented but this one really deserves me to finally speak out! haha

i know what you've gone through to finally get to where you are now, and life really hasn't been all that easy for you. money doesn't come easy for most of us, and it really sucks that some people think it does for you just because they see what you have. dont mind them, it's really not worth the "qi" :P be positive, and think about how many of those messages the bigger "gurus" are getting everyday! hopefully that'll make you feel better, haha

this is very much belayed, but CONGRATS ON BECOMING A MAKEUP ARTIST!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!

harrrleyyy said...

dang tao, i never realized you got messages sent to you like that. how low can people get? that's crazy, and messed up. sorry girl, those people obviously don't know what they're talking about.

Rubychopsticks said...

That's just ridiculous. However, i'm not surprised. The internet is home to a lot of people who are cowards in real life and think that hiding behind some random username gives them the freedom to say whatever they want and act inappropriately. Keep doing what you are doing Tao! I love your honesty and frankly, it's hard to find someone on youtube who is really, truly honest about their opinions on free products (no matter how little or how much of them you do get). I blame the cosmetics companies for exploiting/taking advantage of vlog/bloggers. Oh well, it's not going to stop so all you can do is stand up for yourself. Just know that you have a lot more supporters than you do weirdos and haters. :)

p.s. my word verification is "shame". How fitting for those stupid ppl mssging you.

C. said...

I can't believe that some people would say that to you ! It makes me sick that so many people are stupid, and ready to do anything (including pretending to be sick) to get free stuff.

Ada said...

Can't believe people actually do that. It's really disgusting.

Michelle said...

hi tao! i love u! (: pls dont stop blogging!

Misa said...

Oh how I love "get real" posts!!! The world is filled with people who are not ashamed to beg and lie to get things from people. Especially people like you who worked hard to get the things you have. It's not like you're sitting on your ass just watching TV and product magically appears before you. You have to work just like them. Just tell them it's called money management, if they want nice things they have to get off the computer from time to time and work to earn money and buy nice things! People have a way of discouraging your faith in humanity sometimes, but don't let them deter you from what you do! <3

cjx3pooh said...

All I have to say it WOW. People are stupid.
I honestly don't understand how these people could write something like that & expect it to work. It's not like you're as stupid as them.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say I would looooooooove free makeup! IF you were willing to give it, but those people trying to con their way to freebies is wrong. they should get a job or two. And then get their own shit. they're just stupid! Love you Tao!

Anonymous said...

This is why you're so great Tao, you say it the way it is. It's disgusting that people would resort to using these kinds of tactics to try to get free things from others.

Please don't stop blogging on account of these people because a majority of us love and support you! Keep up the good work!

Denver Girl said...

I've been getting comments ike that lately, too :-P but mine are thru eBay and my separate online store- I don't own a makeup company so why would I want to "sponsor" them?! Have you got the crazy ones asking for perfume and jewelry in exchange for youtube reviews? OMG, and they're all under age 18, too! some from Canada... have you checked out the types that are asking you? You need to start telling them off, I do and it's a great stress reliever :-)

Marge said...

ah the internet, netizens post their opinions on other people's opinions. yet merely hide behind the anonymity of their handles or user name. just don't mind them kiddo. if vlogging and blogging about makeup is what takes your stress away from your studies then don't mind the negativity.
stay yourself and smile, hehehe give your kitties a squeeze, it's what i do with my kitties ^_^

Anonymous said...

wow, that's crazy! there are really some unbelievably shameless people out there!! I was thinking that the ones who emailed you could be 10 or 12 year olds whose parent do let them buy makeup...I can't imagine any adults would go that far to get something free.

LittleGreenPearl said...

Wow... those messages have NO intelligence in them. They are not worth anybody's time! Sorry you have to put up with that.

shelley said...

LOL..those 'stanger' is trully strange...begging for make up online???that must be crazy...

is make up that expensive for them??if they have not-so-much money,they can always go to cheaper make up ELF when everything is $1..

they just won't learn and pay..they just want to distract you..

btw,i always like how you express your feeling,you are so honest!