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Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is why I'll NEVER open a restaurant of any kind.

Simple task: Cutting asparagus.

The result? My near-death experience. This was my 3rd paper towel btw.

It doesn't help that Nathan FREAKS at any sight of blood and was VERY heavily invested in his round of Halo Reach combat.

Band-Aids just weren't cutting it. We gave up after the 5th Band-Aid failed miserably at stopping the blood flow. After rinsing it w/ hydrogen peroxide for 5 mins and me crying bloody murder the entire time....

I need props for coming up w/ blogging material when I was in SEVERE pain. A whole flap of skin just LIFTED and I was my meat and everything....*shudders* I had to do SOMETHING to take my mind off of this and quite frankly, sexing wasn't an option at that time. LOL.

However, the silver lining of this incident is that I didn't have to cook/do dishes for the past week or so. All I have to do is lift my bandaged index finger and food will be delivered. :)

Anyways, a little preview of post coming up:

Thanks for reading and sorry for grossing you out!


P.S. Anyone shopping the Sephora FF sale? 20% off your entire order! Use code FF2010.

P.P.S. If Nathan makes me ONE MORE RAMEN, I'll hit someone.


Charming Vanity said...

The sight of that bloody paper towel gives me goosebumps. I hope ur finger's all right now. Extremely excited with ur upcoming posts.


harrrleyyy said...

oh my goodness girl! sorry to hear about your finger. at least you're okay though :] haha, reminds me of when my boyfriend and his guy friend were downstairs playing call of duty while the guy's girlfriend was upstairs having a panic/breathing attack on the floor not being able to move :[ ... actually, not a laughing matter. but guys need to pay more attention to us instead of their games! haha ;p

cjx3pooh said...

Oh my gosh! That's horrible. I've never been that injured in my life before where it doesn't stop bleeding :( I hope you're getting better.
In the mean time, can't wait for your next post!

ipehishere said...

omg, blood.. thats why i dont want to be doctor because i hate blood.. lol i hope you get better soon! :) ♥

sherri said...

OMG!! That was a lot of blood, I hope it heals soon. I cut the top of my finger off in lab a few months ago while cutting paraffin tissue sections. I know your pain, so I'm sending you a big hug :)
I got some things today from Sephora, but I'm going to pace myself and try not to go too crazy with this sale. I really have to try some of the revlon lipsticks you've been reviewing.

* hugs*

Angelica said...

I hope you're healing well!

Take it easy! Don't do anything hand strenuous until you're well! :)

Fifi said...

Ouch! I hope your finger gets better soon, Tao! I suck at cutting veggies too actually, my boyfriend's a better cook. Lol.

Mara said...

Ok, I know this is not a laughing matter but I couldn't help but crack up. You are too funny. I do hope your finger heals soon. I love your blog and I've always kinda been a silent follower but I had to comment. Your facial expression is priceless in that picture. LMAO....and I can totally imagine you lifting up your injured finger. LOL

~Lisa said...

Ugh! That's terrible! I hope you're doing okay and may it heal quickly!

Bitter Sweet said...

get well soon dear..

Ashley said...

Um gross!?! Haha but in all seriousness, I hope your finger heals soon! I've had a lot of accidents in the kitchen before but I was always told to "suck it up and put a glove on AND KEEP WORKING".
Atleast you have lots of lipstick to distract you!

locke said...

i had the same experience but in my case, i was opening a can,flipped the cover and accidentally slide my finger on the edge [ouch] hope it heals soon~ make sure you take care of your wound well and stay healthy :) xoxo

Takhisis said...

aww that is not good. it is sad to see you hurted. i hope you will get better soon.

Steph said...

oh dear =0
but you made it sound really scary "flap of skin just meat"
i hope it heals soon ^^

Anonymous said...

Poor thing! Hope that finger heals quickly. I've learned quickly years ago. The trick to cutlery: {1} use the right knife for the item you're cutting; {2} make sure the blade is sharp; {3} short, precise cutting strokes, and (4) keep your fingers curled under.

A dull knife makes for easy mishaps.

shelley said...

just saw this post...i know it's been a while..but are you okay??you look soooo 'pale' like run out of blood..but you always makes me laugh with your comment of the good thing and nathan..

franchises said...

Ouch! I hope you're alright by now.. no scars right?