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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A rather pointless swatch post...

of a few highlighters I got recently.

I've been swapping on MUA as well as visiting Sally's on a semi-regular basis. I gotta say, those places hold true treasures that won't break your bank.

Here are my new acquisitions.

Terra Del Sol in #7 AKA MAC Pleasureflush MSF dupe. (MUA swap)

Femme Coutour Baked Highlighter (Sally's)

Femme Coutour Baked Bronzer in Summer Kiss AKA MAC Shimpagne dupe (Sally's)

Terra Del Sol is a rather cool toned highlighter. It reminds me of a very light, less pigmented version of Pink Opal pigment by MAC. The result of it is almost ethereal. This will DEFINITELY look ashy on ppl with darker skintones. I kinda have to pack it on to see some kind of noticeable result. I got this off of MUA, so I don't know where you can purchase this in the states.

Femme Coutour Baked Highlighter is even more subtle than Terre Del Sol. On me the highlighting effect is so light it almost feel like the MAC Mystery Powder. I could use this all over my face for that "glow from within" feel. You get 10 grams for $9.99, not too shabby.

Femme Coutour Baked Bronzer in Summer Kiss in definitely my fave out of the three. It reminds me A LOT of the MAC Shimpagne MSF. They both have the golden-beige tone to it that can warm up my face. Shimpagne is SLIGHTLY darker though. I wouldn't recommend this as a bronzer though. It is way too shimmery and light for that. Again, it's $10, which is a lot better than MAC's $28.

Anyways, I know this is rather lame since you can barely see the swatches at all....but isn't that kind of the point of highlighters? To make your face glow without screaming "HEY I'M WEARING MAKEUP!!".

Overall I'm very happy with the recent purchases. I can see that they'll be put to good use in the future.

I'm off to work now. Thanks for reading guys. Have a great weekend!




Cosmetics Aficionado said...

I love the look of the Femme Couture. It looks really natural.

Silly Lilacs said...

Definitely checking out Femme Couture next time I goto Sallys. It's a great natural glow :)

Charming Vanity said...

Think it's a really good comparison!


brightshimmer8 said...

these all look very pretty!
please check out my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Tao, When swapping on mua, is sanitary a concern? see so many girls do swap on mua but I always worry about it.

thecandiedmango said...

The Femme Couture highlighter is gorgeous! I'm not sure if the stores in my state will have that brand (pretty small population here) but I'll definitely check my local Sally's.

shelley said...

Femme Coutour Baked Highlighter is georgeus...i want it so looks very pretty and subtle (i need subtle highliter,or my oily face will look like oil mine *yaiks*)