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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review: Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks (pic heavy)

Hi guys! How are you all doing?

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone that participated in the blog sale! I have all the paid packages wrapped and ready to go out on Monday. I will email you to update once I mailed them out.

Now on to the review.

As many of you might know, I've never been a "lips" girl. I tend to just wear lip balm (even that is a rare occasion). I dislike how most lipsticks (drying) and lipglosses (either too thick or too slippery) feel. However, Revlon Colorburst lipsticks have been impressing me lately.

Name: Revlon Colorburst lipsticks

Packaging: Quite sophisticated. It's quilted and very Chanel-esque. They are very understated yet classic. You can see a swatch of color at the top of the l/s cap. The cap snaps shut and I've never had an incident where it came off in my bag.

Pigmentation: All the colors are VERY pigmented. What you see is what you get.

Wear: They feel very moisturizing on my lips. While they don't last as long as the Revlon Matte l/s (review coming up later), I still get at least a 2 hr wear out of them. I don't mind touching up with these because they feel like a lip balm.

Colors: They offer a wide range of colors. I think some drugstores (my RiteAid and Walmart) only carry limited colors while others, like Walgreens and Target, carry the whole range. They range from concealer nude all the way to the darkest of dark burgundies.

Price: It varies from $7.99 to $9.99 depending on where you buy them. I recommend waiting for a sale at the drugstores.


Soft nude, Blush, Rosy Nude, Soft Rose

Soft Nude is more of a crème peachy nude. While it looks pretty in the swatch, on my lips it’s rather pale and washed me out terribly. In my opinion a neutral lipliner is a MUST when wearing this color.

Blush has more of a mauve undertone to it. It also has some slight shimmer-nothing too flashy. This is a great MLBB color.

Rosy Nude is my favorite out of the bunch. It’s a crème formula so it has no shimmer. Though named rosy nude, this color has NOTHING to do with nude. It’s another MLBB color that has a hint of mauvey brown to it. A little darker than Blush and not quite as bright as Soft Rose.

Soft Rose is my mom’s fave! It’s a crème rosy color. Plain and simple. It’s quite neutral so I predict that both cool and warm skintoned ppl could pull it off. This is quite a face brightener.

Mauve, Raspberry, Fuchsia

Mauve is similar to Soft Rose because they are both that gorgeous girly rose color with crème finish. However, while Soft rose is more neutral, Mauve is definitely more cooler toned. While I could wear Mauve, Soft rose looks a lot better on me. Mauve pulls the sallowness from my skin.

Raspberry is a bright slightly shimmery red. It’s very face brightening and is a more modern take on classic red lips. I got many compliments while wearing this.

Fuchsia is a clear cool toned fuchsia that screams Barbie. It’s very bright and in-your-face. However, with winged liner and pink cheeks, Fuchsia will make you look so sweet and sexy at the same time!

Baby Pink, Peach, Coral

Baby pink is just as the name suggests, a shimmery baby pink. On me I find it looking slightly Mimi-esque. I dislike it b/c it makes me look a lot more yellow and I find that it accentuates any flakes I have.

Peach is a great slightly shimmery light peach color. I find that it’s actually quite similar to my Dior Addict High Shine l/s in Orange Ovation on my lips. Very wearable and user friendly. I strongly suggest it.

Coral is a crème corally red. It’s quite similar to MAC Viva Cindi l/s on my lips. I really like it for that great pop of color.

So all in all, I recommend Blush, Rosy Nude, Soft Rose, Fuchsia, and Peach.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this was helpful to some of you.

Happy Sunday!




sillylilacs said...

Soft Rose is my mom's favorite too! =)

Soft Nude washed me out like a mofo and can be used in a halloween zombie tutorial for me -.-

Baby Pink was...yea...let's just say I had to return it =|

I currently only have Peach and Coral (loving both!) but it seems that I need to get my hands on Blush and Rosy Nude!

Thanks for the post! Will be grabbing 'em when they're on sale next ^_^ (I <3 bogofs)

Ami said...

Hi Tao! Thanks for the swatches :D

I currently own Soft Nude, Blush, Rosy Nude, & Plum. Blush is one of my absolute favorite lipsticks of ALL TIME!! It's just so easy to wear, and I love that the shimmer makes my lips look plumper! I have TWO backups of it hehehe.

tsuki said...

I love these, too! I have Fuschia, Soft Rose, Peach, and Soft Nude, and will possibly buy more in the future, haha ^_^. Soft nude doesn't wash me out too much since I'm super pale, but it also looks really cute and less harsh with a pink gloss on top!

Stephanie said...

I agree, I like Blush and Peach. I gave my mom Rosy Nude and Soft Nude can wash me out sometimes

Cosmetics Aficionado said...

Baby pink looks gorggeous!!

Charming Vanity said...

Love all the colors. Been wanting to get soft nude...heard that it has a more pinkish undertone to it. Thanks for the swatches.


cjx3pooh said...

I wish I could return Baby Pink, but I got it in a 2-pack when it 1st came out on Target, and shared with my friend. I guess it could be a nice sheen lipstick or something over a darker pink, somehow make it work

cjx3pooh said...

I wish I could return my Baby Pink, I got it in a 2-pack from Target when these 1st came out and shared with my friend. If only she chose the nude instead of the pink it would've saved us like $3.50 each -_- Oh well maybe I could layer it over a darker pink

wuguimei said...

I've been lemming Soft Nude for quite a while now, but it's always OOS whenever I go check it out at my local Target -___-

kawaiikao said...

thanks for the swatches tao!

Shopcoholic said...

I love these lipsticks too! i have Carnation, Peach, Mauve and Soft Nude.

Beverly/bibay said...

Can you post lip swatches of your recommended shades? :)

Chomsiri Katelyn K. said...

I know these babies have been out for a while now but I have not tried any of them yet! Thank you for the swatches, dear!

bunebaybeee said...

Beautiful swatches! I was at Riteaid today they are having a sale on a few lines of cosmetics like Maybelline, Wet n Wild, and a few more for 40% off. Just stopped in and wanted to let you know :) Not sure how long it is or if it was just for Columbus day weekend.

Anonymous said...

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