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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


AHHHHH! I'm going to get MAC Certified today!!!!

My co-worker and I both had to go to Denver to go through demo in order to be MAC certified. There will be two trainers there to watch (stalk) and listen to how we present ourselves/MAC to customers. It is nerve wrecking because, according to the artists who had done this before, the process is NOT easy. The rubric is 3 pages long and you have to do everything in 25 mins (peak hour demo, AKA PHD).

This is the look I wore (I was still in my hoodie):

What I used:

--MAC Prep n' Prime skin visage
--Laura Mercier creme smooth foundation in Porcelain Ivory mixed w/ Sunny Ivory
--MAC Studio Sculpt concealer in NW 20 under the eyes
--NYC Sunny Bronzer

--Ben Nye Contour #1
--NYX creme blush in Glow
--MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle

--Wet n' Wild Color Icon Palette in Snow Fairy Plum (I still haven't gotten my MAC Staff card.....)
--MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
--MAC Opulash mascara

--VS Beauty Rush lipgloss in Tiny Bubbles

Close ups:

After I changed into "MAC Approved" attire:

What if I DON'T PASS?!!!!

Finally ready to leave:

Anyways, sorry for this short post. I'm so nervous my hands are actually shaking. FACK! I really hope they don't ask me to use liquid liner cuz the liner will look like those lines are the heart rate monitor.

Wish me luck guys. I really need it.




Shiz. Neither of us passed. According to the trainer, I sounded too technical. I sounded more like I was talking to a makeup artist as opposed to teaching a regular customer who doesn't know what "blending" means. I had to give them the "MAC experience". I guess that's something I've always overlooked because it sounds so basic to me. 

People lied. It was A LOT harder than the way it used to be. Today we were watched by senior trainer, who is the trainer of our regular trainer. She was SOOOOOO tough but I guess this means that it'd mean a lot more when we get certified by her. 

I'm bummed, but whatever. Better luck next time. Thanks for all of your comments!! :) 


Kizzy-online said...

Good luck!! You look great!

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!! Omg you look amazing sweetie, I wish you all the best :)

sherri said...

You look fabulous :) Good Luck!!!!!

bunebaybeee said...

GOOD LUCK TAO! :) You will do great.

Angelica said...

I'm sure you'll do great. The biggest thing is not psyching yourself out! :)
Use the hell out of that mac card when you get it, lol.

Michelle said...

GOOD LUCK! im sure you'll do just fine!

Esther said...

Don't be nervous! You'll do great! :)
(Hopefully even with liquid liner)

Mara said...

Good luck Tao. You'll do great. I think this is my favorite look from you so far and it's a drugstore brand. You're so talented.

Mara said...

Good luck Tao. You'll do great. I think this is my favorite look from you so far and it's a drugstore brand. You're so talented.

Atropine said...

You look great! Good luck!

JANE said...

You're looking gorgeous! You'll do great :) GOOD LUCK!

prettyaspeaches said...

Best of luck!

xoshangrilaox said...

Good luck Tao! I'm sure you'll do great. Hey - What kind of falsies are you using here? They look awesome on you, so natural.

Rubychopsticks said...

Good luck Tao! I'm glad you have found a job you enjoy and are passionate about :)

Gaby said...

You are totally going to pass! And you look gorgeous!

Katie said...

omg I LOVE your m/u here, esp. your eyeshadow. If it's not too much trouble, I'd love a tutorial! You're probably finished by the time you read this comment but good luck! I'm sure you did well :)

Silly Lilacs said...

How'd you do missy? :)

Was it as scary as you've heard it was?

FashionKrazi said...

Good luck, Tao! You are going to be great!

... said...

Oh no!

Tao, you're gorgeous and all of your looks are so pretty... I think if you take a deep breath, and remember that everyone's human, you'll be fine.

That being said, I wish you the best of luck!

Cosmetics Aficionado said...

This is so fresh and pretty looking!!

Askmewhats said...

Good luck Tao! Oh by the way, I have to say your skin looks glowing and really nice!!!

Marge said...

woah, good luck! ^_^ i'm sure you'll breeze thru it ^_^

Jenny said...

awww sorry to hear that... but you look great nonetheless and you're an amazing make up artist!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I love this look!! Hope I1m not rude or anything, but this is the best look I've seen on you:) You've got some serious skills there, girl!

linh said...

Bummer. At least being technical means you know what you're talking about. I really like your falsies, where are they from???

chibi said...

I think your makeup looks really good.
Sorry to hear that you didn't get certified. But that's okay because hopefully it will happen next time.

I wish you much luck for the next time.

JW said...

That's unfortunate that you didn't pass. :(
But at least you know what you did wrong and you can strive for perfection!! :DD
But I love this look! So pretty~

Silly Lilacs said...

When is the next time that you two can go get take the test of doom? >.< Is there a time period where you have to like "train" or something before re-applying?

Vanessa said...

Congrats love! You look so adorable!

Syn said...

Keep your chin up! Nothing worth having is easy to get! You will knock 'em dead next time. It's hard to take a test not knowing what to expect.

my favorite pink said...

awww, sorr you didnt pass. =( i've seen your make up and you're great!! don't worry, you have a real talent and will pass the next time!


Brunette's Heart Makeup said...

My God You are so beautifull! Eyelashes are stunning!
Good luck next time, kisses from Poland!

Brunette's Heart

Anonymous said...

u look great here! too bad u cancel your youtube because i would of loved a tutorial

Anonymous said...

Ohh I love it!!! so beautiful!! Please i would love a tutorial!! Whenever u have a time...:) Thanks
GL for the next time!!