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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Could this be a LEGIT full coverage foundation?!!!

Holy @#$%!! Laura Mercier Creme Smooth foundation has met a STRONG competitor!

Easily scarred people rejoice!

Estee Lauder has added a new member to its Double Wear family-Double Wear Maximum Coverage.

I know what you are thinking...Max. coverage, yeah right. Everyone and their momma claims to have max coverage. However, like I mentioned in the title, EL one is LEGIT.

This is what the foundation claims to do:

12-hour staying power.

Soothing, natural-looking, liquid-creme makeup for concealing all skin imperfections, including surgical and acne scars, birthmarks, sun spots and varicose veins.

Helps protect with SPF 15.

Full Coverage
  • Natural-looking
  • Long-wearing
  • Non-transferable
Suitable for post-surgery use as directed by your physician. Developed and tested in collaboration with surgeons and dermatologists.

With a reasonable $32 price tag (and Nordstrom's amazing return policy), I went ahead a purchased it without trying (I know, bad idea, but working 40+ hrs a week at MAC during holiday hours make me want to leave the mall ASAP).

The color selection is very limited, considering there are only 6 shades offered: Very Light, Creamy Ivory (Light), Creamy Vanilla (Light/Medium), Creamy Tan (Medium), Medium Deep, and Deep.

Unfortunately, if you are anything darker than a NC45, I don't think you will be able to find a color that goes on without looking ashy. However, with that being said, I LOVE how the Max. Coverage is more yellow-toned than the regular Double Wear. In Double Wear I usually wear Sand (or Bone in Winter), and in Max. Coverage, I can get away with both Creamy Ivory and Creamy Vanilla (Creamy Ivory is a little bit pinker than Vanilla).

Now let's break it down via pros and cons:

--LONG LASTING! (I had my makeup on without primer and this lasted from 8am to 12am)
--Covers EVERYTHING<--THE most coverage I've ever gotten from a foundation. Many could even use it as a concealer.
--Reasonable Price
--Contains SPF
--Package is sanitary (I love the squeezy tube, it's easy to travel with)
--More bang for your buck (a little bit goes a LONG way, so this tube will last you forever)

--Can be drying (but hey, it's long lasting. Use a good moisturizer underneath)
--Can look a bit "made up"/cakey if used too much
--limited color selection

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons, so I'd say go for it. My overall rating on this foundation is 4.5 out of 5.

Let the pictures do the justice:

The product: The texture is more on the liquid side, but a little goes a LONG way.

I have the foundation on my left (your right) side. See how the veins are covered the looks more matte?

Foundation on the right side of my face (your left)...My un-foundation side looks like a crack-whore. I was using Creamy Vanilla.

Foundation all over
Yeah, the coverage is pretty amazing huh?

This is the look I did that day for work.

 Close ups:

I kinda forgot what I used, but I remember it involved MAC Deep Truth and Silver Ring. RR Bedroom on my cheeks w/ MAC Soft & Gentle MSF.

I hope your find this post helpful. I whole-heartedly recommend this foundation to anyone who's looking for a full coverage foundation.

Now I'm gonna enjoy my much deserved day off.




dodogosu said...

wow, that looks amazing. I could always use a full coverage foundation that looks natural. Thanks for sharing!

Saluziee said...

i love the way you apply eyeshadow!!
would you mind doing a quick picture tutorial?
great post btw!

charlieFlii said...

OOOOOOOooooo!!! i'm going to try it!! have you ever tried the foundation from dermalogic? the coverage is the most full coverage i've tried thus far! =)

A Shine Bunny said...

Looks like a worth trying product
! Thx for the review!

hfbye09 said...

i love your eye look here! and your nail polish too. do you mind telling which brand and shade it is?

Tao said...

HFBYE09: The nailpolish was called Up All Night by China Glaze.

cjx3pooh said...

Oooh. I think I may try this out, I recently tried MUFE Mat Velvet which was supposed to have good coverage and it looked cakey; thanks for the review!

Marge said...

fantastic review. i love the eye make up.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your time and effort put into this mega helpful review, as well as your bravery to show your face bare using a clear camera.

That's what makes it so helpful. I can actually how well the foundation covers blemishes (which I have lots of) and the finish of it. It looks absolutely amazing on you -polishes, flawless, yet natural. The coverage just 'wows' me - the way it covers all your blemishes. I am definitely giving this a try.

Thanks again for such a wonderful and detailed review. You are very beautiful both naturally and made up, and you are very talented.

Keep it up girl! =)

bonnie said...

What powder do you use to set this foundation with?

=)Thanks Tao!!

Tao said...

Bonnie: I don't set this with a powder because once it's on, it's on.

Anonymous said...

Hi what kind of false lashes do u use?

cjx3pooh said...

I just noticed your eyes get a fold and turn into a double lid when you put on eyeshadow/eye makeup, so cool!

Anonymous said...

Hello! how would you compare this to the MAC PROLONG WEAR FOUNDATION?
mind is i ask what shade you use? i use a mac prolong wear nc25 :)

The Driveller Kate said...

Crack whore FULL OF LIES maybe! You're stunning :D