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Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Gifts that keep on giving" FOTD

No, I'm not talking about Herpes.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas~

I've recently received some AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME gifts from two of my online friends that totally brought me to tears.

First up, we have Tala. We first started communicating over my blog sales. She realized that I have all the Rock & Republic blushes except for Call Me (Bless her heart), and decided to send me a brand new in box one as a gift!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again:"Tala, I owe you for life!!".

Let's take a look at this beauty shall we?

It's so much better than Nars Orgasm. It's more pigmented, more easily blendable, and just looks cooler!!

Next up, we have Sue Lynn. Sue Lynn and I became great friends via blogger and YT. She doesn't usually comment, but if anything happened, she's always the first one to email me, asking if I were ok. Sue Lynn was always there for me. I'm guaranteed a reply whenever I email her. She sent me a gift for my B-day, one that I lusted over for quite some time now. I had a lemming for Lunasol products after reading about them on Taiwanese beauty blogs. However, I didn't want to shell out the big bucks for them. It was my dream come true that she offered to send it to me as a B-day present. I was speechless at her generosity. Yes, blogging and YTubing is stressful, but great people like Sue Lynn and Tala make it worth while (No, I'm definitely NOT saying that you need to send me stuff, but I'm just overwhelmed at their generosity).

The goodie: Lunasol eyeshadow palette in 02 Light Variation


As we can see here, the American blush is A LOT more pigmented than the Japanese eyeshadow. I know that most people in Asia like products that focus more on the shimmering aspect of the makeup, like that "my face but better" look. However, I think my taste is a little bit more American now, LOL! The e/s are GORGEOUS, but I had to layer them a lot to achieve the payoff I was hoping for. Hey, at least that satisfied my lemming for trying Japanese makeup.


What I used:

--Estee Lauder Double Wear Max. Cover <--Review coming up later
--Coverblend concealer in Light
--NYC bronzer in Sunny

--Ben Nye contour #1
--R&R blush in Call me
--MAC MSF in Soft & Gental

--Lunasol e/s palette in Light Variation
--MAC Fluidline in Waveline
--MAC Criss/cross lashes
--Lancome Decinicils <--kinda sucks w/o a primer

--Nothing in pics, but later it was MAC Creme in my coffee.

This is the new way for me to do my hair....I look...Mongolian?

Guys, ONLY DO THIS WHEN YOU ARE 100% POSITIVELY SURE THAT NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, IS COMING THAT DAY. I apologize for scaring that rather hot UPS guy...It wasn't my intent.

I don't think this works as well as my "twist-your-hair-in-a-bun" method. The waves were definitely more subtle. However, when you braid your hair and sleep on it overnight, the result is A LOT better.


Thank you so much for reading, and let's all take a second to appreciate the nice people in the world.



P.S. This is what the UPS guy brought me!


dodo said...

your skin looks so good!

Anonymous said...

I looked up "lemming" because I noticed many bloggers and YTers using the phrase. Per Merriam-Webster dictionary, lemming is a rodent or "people are sometimes said to be acting like lemmings when they do something that is harmful or stupid because other people are doing it." Not trying to be rude, it just doesn't make sense to me how it's being used.

Maria said...

Oooh, I can't WAIT to see you use the Sugarpill stuff (my favourite company). Love them, and think you'll rock them!

Citrine said...

The "Mongolian looks" isn't that bad actyally :P ...When I try to do my hair like that, I usually make sure it's a tad damp (like I shower without washing my hair) and a tad oily (so it won't end up looking like an afro because of the dryness) and it's left on for a whole night. If I do those, the curl(more like crimps) will last me all day.

J said...

tao, you have to try andreaschoice's twisty hair tutorial! it's awesome and easy!

Isabel said...

LOL @ your 'Mongolian' pic xD Sometimes I'm afraid of wearing a mask when I'm home alone in case there's a parcel that I need to sign for xD

Anonymous said...

Yeah, japanese/asian eye makeups are just very shimmery, not very pigmented, because girls don't do heavy makeup on street at all. When I went back to china, I usually don't even do eyemakeup that heavy, but when I walked on streets I actually didn't even dare to put any color on my eyes after a day on street because I don't see girls even put much makeup. I felt weird to even wear some makeup.

Askmewhats said...

LOL on the Mongolian Look you are too funny!!!! Your looks came out sooo beautiful!

Jackie said...

Why do you even bother to do FOTDs? They all look the same...

Tao said...

Jackie: FOTD stands for Face Of The Day. I do wear more exciting/different makeup for work, but usually when I have time to take pics of my makeup is when I have a day off. No one wants to wear a lot of makeup EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Why do ppl change up their skincare/foundation/brow/etc routines? They all look the same. This shows that even if the look are quite similar to others, it's still fun to create with different products.

faye lu review said...

"Gifts that keep on giving" FOTD
No, I'm not talking about Herpes.<===== hehehehehe ahh hilarious!!!
ohhh the RR blushes look gorgeous. heard so many great reviews. but so hard to find online >.< thanks for sharing xo

emigre said...

you write such funny posts. always feel inspired after reading your blog!

why is lunasol such a hg product on all the chinese-language makeup blogs? maybe 'cause it's $$? its texture is def silkier than most american ESs.