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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Totally didn't expect this.....

but I was able to re-open my old YouTube account under the username iamgrape1119. Thanks Mel!!

Unfortunately all the uploaded videos/comments were deleted, but it's okay. I will just have to make more, LOL!

Meanwhile I'm reuploading some of the videos I still have in my files, so I guess that'll suffice for now.

I will update more on my original channel as opposed to the new one I created just because I have more subbers on the old one.

If you are interested, please visit HERE to see!




~Mel said...

ur welcome girly! glad u got it open! hehe. =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Tao:
Please do a 2010 Favorites video.

Lululand said...

*YAY* I loved your videos :) So glad you're coming back :D

M said...

Cool! I just re-suscribed!!

I hope you still have a video you made (one of the last ones I think) it was a tutorial of your everyday makeup or something like that, I do know you used the maybelline mousse foundation, could you re-upload that one?

Marge said...

ey that's good news. i've stayed subscribed. but sent a friend invite.
best of luck ^_~

jardelle said...

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