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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Makeup is my BFF FOTD

Isn't it weird how something as trivial as makeup can make you feel so much better about yourself?

A lot of people say that "Oh, you don't NEED makeup".

Sure, nobody NEEDS makeup, but it puts me in a better mood. When I feel prettier I am more pleasant to be around. I might be over-analyzing this, but I feel that people totally judge me when I'm bare-faced.

Maybe I've been around my job too much, but now everything I see someone I automatically think of ways to improve the appearance via makeup. I even mentally foundation matched the Subway guy.....LOL

This is me w/ just foundation.

With a little more help from eye makeup

What I used:

--Laura Mercier Creme Smooth foundation in Sunny Beige (My ideal color would be Warm Ivory, but I ran out of the sample)
--Hard Candy Glamoflage concealer in Light
--NYC Sunny Bronzer

--Ben Nye Contour #1
--Rock & Republic blush in Lush (MAC Peachtwist is a great dupe)
--MAC Soft & Gentle MSF

--I kinda forgot.....but I know that MAC Steamy and Greensmoke were involved....
--Physician's Formula gel liner in Green Eyes
--Stila e/s in Nanda Devi for brows
--Maybelline Lash Stilettos mascaras w/ L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes on top

--As always, nothing

This look took me at most 10 mins to do and goes to show you how much makeup can change you.

Yes, I'm a makeup addict and I'm DAMN proud.

Crap....I'm running late for work. Have a great day guys!


Monday, November 22, 2010

All Work & No Play

I'm so exhausted.

I've been working non-stop for the past couple of days.

Yes, makeup is fun;
Yes, I am getting paid to do my hobby;
Yes, I feel proud after people coming in requesting me to do their makeup....


Good thing is that my mom is in Boulder for 10 days. We celebrated my 23rd B-day, going to celebrate Thanksgiving, AND her 50th B-day!!

I won't be updating my YT/blog for a while. I want to thoroughly enjoy my time off.

Happy Thanksgiving!!



Wednesday, November 17, 2010


AHHHHH! I'm going to get MAC Certified today!!!!

My co-worker and I both had to go to Denver to go through demo in order to be MAC certified. There will be two trainers there to watch (stalk) and listen to how we present ourselves/MAC to customers. It is nerve wrecking because, according to the artists who had done this before, the process is NOT easy. The rubric is 3 pages long and you have to do everything in 25 mins (peak hour demo, AKA PHD).

This is the look I wore (I was still in my hoodie):

What I used:

--MAC Prep n' Prime skin visage
--Laura Mercier creme smooth foundation in Porcelain Ivory mixed w/ Sunny Ivory
--MAC Studio Sculpt concealer in NW 20 under the eyes
--NYC Sunny Bronzer

--Ben Nye Contour #1
--NYX creme blush in Glow
--MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle

--Wet n' Wild Color Icon Palette in Snow Fairy Plum (I still haven't gotten my MAC Staff card.....)
--MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
--MAC Opulash mascara

--VS Beauty Rush lipgloss in Tiny Bubbles

Close ups:

After I changed into "MAC Approved" attire:

What if I DON'T PASS?!!!!

Finally ready to leave:

Anyways, sorry for this short post. I'm so nervous my hands are actually shaking. FACK! I really hope they don't ask me to use liquid liner cuz the liner will look like those lines are the heart rate monitor.

Wish me luck guys. I really need it.




Shiz. Neither of us passed. According to the trainer, I sounded too technical. I sounded more like I was talking to a makeup artist as opposed to teaching a regular customer who doesn't know what "blending" means. I had to give them the "MAC experience". I guess that's something I've always overlooked because it sounds so basic to me. 

People lied. It was A LOT harder than the way it used to be. Today we were watched by senior trainer, who is the trainer of our regular trainer. She was SOOOOOO tough but I guess this means that it'd mean a lot more when we get certified by her. 

I'm bummed, but whatever. Better luck next time. Thanks for all of your comments!! :) 

Monday, November 15, 2010

6-year anniversary FOTD

Hi guys!
So yesterday was Nathan’s and my 6-year anniversary (this shiz is getting OLD). It’s kinda weird because Nathan and I felt like families throughout the years. Since we’ve never had that spontaneous/romantic relationship, it was just another peaceful and blissful day.

We got up, got dressed, went baby-clothes shopping (NOT for me, thank Baby Jesus! I was invited to my co-worker’s baby shower), and had lunch.  I just did a really fresh “feminine” look with some purples. I always say that purple brings out the woman in me, LOL!

The look:

What I used:
--Laura Geller Spackle primer
--Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Foundation in Porcelain Ivory mixed w/ a little Sunny Beige
--Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer
--NYC bronzer in Sunny

--Ben Nye Contour #1
--MAC Blush in Blushbaby
--MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle

--MAC Soft Ochre Paintpot
--MAC e/s in Cork
--Physician’s Formula gel liner for green eyes
--Stila e/s in Nanda Devi for brows
--MAC Opulash mascara (The only MAC mascara that I like)

--Dior Addict High Shine l/s in Nude Silhouette (214)

Eye close-ups:

Overall Look:

I did the impossible and got Nathan in a pic with me!!!

And I promptly broke up w/ him after this pic….
HE TOTALLY GOT ME OFF GUARD!!!!!!!!! It was supposed to be a cute kiss-y pic!!! 

Pfffffffffffft. Men. 

Anyways, I'd also like to let you know that I am crippled at the moment. The leg work out + 8 hr shift had left me w/ a 24 hr muscle spasm in the legs. I can barely walk, therefore I'm fearful for the 8 hr shift I still have ahead of me today....Please pray for me. 



P.S. No, I didn't really break up w/ Nathan. 
P.P.S. Customers get REALLY cranky during the holiday season. I've always wondered how people could be cranky when Starbucks is offering pumpkin spiced lattes.....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Review/Swatches: MAC Tartan Tale pigments

Yes...I'm a pigment ho.

For those of you who followed me from the beginning, you know how much I adore MAC's pigments. They are pigmented (DUH!), well-textured (is that a word?), and offer a lot more bang for your buck.

My favorites among the permanent collection so far are Vanilla, Melon, and Tan.

However, MAC released three new limited-edition full-sized pigments with their holiday collection Tartan Tale (They also released the pigment vials today-$32.50 for 5 colors? Say WHAT?!).

The full sized pigmented are called: Moolight Night(top), Later (bottom left), and Family Crest (bottom right).

They are all black with different colors of shimmers. Moonlight Night has navy/purple shimmer, Later has teal/emerald shimmer, and Family Crest-being my favorite-has chocolate/gold shimmer.


Price: $19.50 for 4.5 grams. Not too shabby.

Packaging: Come in a vial with no stopper, which makes it a little messier to use.

Color payoff: While they are all great at creating dramatic smoky eye, you HAVE to use them wet/on top of a tackier base in order to see full color pay off.

Texture: These pigments are a little on the chalky side. They are not smooth and buttery in consistence as Vanilla, tan, and melon. You WILL have e/s fall out and they WON'T be easy to clean up.

Swatches: Later, Moonlight Night, Family Crest (swatched on top of Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy)

Overall, these colors are fun to have. However, due to the sucky blendability and texture, I wouldn't say they are "must haves". I dislike products that take forever and a half to look presentable.

I have more hauls/reviews coming up, so stay tuned for more!



Wow, totally didn't know I could "undelete" this....

Hi all,

So..... Yeah... Here we are again.

First of all, I'd like to apologize for completely disappearing on YT/Blogger. I've gotten A LOT of messages/emails asking if I was alright/wondering what happened. I'm sorry that I left you all confused/worried.

Don't worry, my YT/Blog weren't hacked. I personally deleted them.


I started YTubing as a hobby. There were only a handful of Asian "beauty gurus" and none of them were monolids. I wanted to share the techniques/knowledge of my countless trial and error so that other people don't have to waste money figuring stuff out for themselves. Blogging came later because I was lazy and didn't feel like editing the vids. LOL!

However, I don't know what happened. I guess as the YT beauty community grew bigger, a lot of subbers are getting a lot more demanding and rude. The negativity on YT is so overwhelming. I know I wasn't a "popular" YTuber, and that there are ppl w/ tens of thousands of subbers. I know they must have put up with A LOT worse than what I've put up with. I've seen vids/read comments that literally chilled me to the core.

I've never mentioned much about haters b/c I know that they derive joy from others' pain and annoyance. I thought that I was NOT going to let the stress of that get the best of me. However, when I come home after an exhausting long work day and check my YT/Blog, all the negativity just brings me down even more. I don't know why there are people out there who don't even know me could hate me so much. I guess anonymity gives ppl a sense of security so they dare to say stuff/do things that they otherwise wouldn't do.

Yes, the majority of the subbers are nice and polite, but it only takes a few to ruin the fun for everyone, and for that, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I forgot the nice/supportive people out there; I'm sorry I was blinded by anger and discouragement; and most of all, I'm sorry that I let go of all the happy memories we've all created.

I forgot how happy I was when I receive messages from people telling me that they learned a lot from my videos/blogs; I forgot how happy I was when I hit 20,000 subbers on YT and 1,400 followers on blog; and I forgot how accomplished I felt when I shared my knowledge with you all.

So for those of you who emailed me asking me to restart, well, your wish is granted. I decided to start fresh here because I want to recreate those happy memories. I sincerely hope that you will join me for the ride. I promise that I will make it worth your while. ;P

BTW, this is my new YT account.