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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New toys!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I hauled my butt off this month. I can't say no to cute things... Who can? Especially when you deal with customers all day long (and some of them have gotten the worst case of the cray cary I've ever seen), a little indulgences never hurt.

Here are some pictures of all the goodies I got recently.

MAC Peacocky Collection:

Centre Stage & Peek at You

Sexpectation & Prance <--THE HOTTEST COLOR! 

Swatches: Centre stage, peek at you, sexpectation, Prance

Walgreens Haul:

Sally Hansen Vitamin Lip treatment:

Covergirl TruCheeks blushes <--On clearance for $1.79 each!! 
#1 & #2

#3 & #4

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Trio 

Silent Treatment

I got good jeans

Getting Sunburned

Rite Aid Haul! 

Revlon Color Burst Lipsticks: Cherry Ice, Petal, Icy Nude, Candy Pink, Pink Sugar

Physician's Formula Happy Booster blush in Rose <---SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN!! 

Covergirl Lip Perfection in Delish, Rapture, Enchantress, Rush

Here are all the pics for right now. Detailed review & FOTD coming up soon. 




Princesa Livia said...

Oh my gosh, that Physician's Formula Blush is Gorgeous!! I wish we had those in the UK!! :(

Eugenia said...

The PF blush is soooo cute!!! I love all these drug sale sales but I wish I had a Rite Aid by me too!

Cotton said...

owww im well jealous! wish we could get those brands/products here in the UK :(

JordanMayTwigs said...

Great Haul!!!


Donna said...

omg that pf blush <3 do you know if they would be available in cvs? i want one!!!!! :)


Emily said...


I love your blog, and I must say, you are absolutely gorgeous!

Will be following your blog, and I hope to see way more gorgeous FOTDs from you soon! :)

Charming Vanity said...

Love all the things that u hauled! Especially the color icon eyeshadow palettes. I've been searching high and low for an online store tht carries them..but so far I found none. =( Look forward to seeing a FOTD post from u soon. =)


JANE said...

Impressive haul! I miss buying makeup.

faye lu review said...

oh my, the Happy Booster blush in Rose is bananas!!! super dooper want one... googling as i type! thanks for sharing tao xo

AnNeTtEe said...

awesome awesome haul!! u got a lot of great stuff!! I love the Physician's Formula blush, it's so cute! very timely for V-day! must get!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Ooh!!! Nice haul! :) The lipsticks are so pretty! Too bad they are all sold out where I live. It's outrageous but lots of people are on the lookout for them :) I wonder how the CG blushes will be like? I hope you'll review it :D

Fifi said...

PF blush is cuuuuuute. haha. I want one, but we don't have PF here :(

Steph said...

sexpectation looks so pretty ~ so does the PF blush

love ALLL the lippies =D

cjx3pooh said...

Aw I haven't seen the new Revlon ColorBurst lipsticks in store yet. I want to try the new CoverGirl lipsticks :)

Andrea said...

wow that PF blush is gorgeous! thx for sharing pics tao ^_^ love seeing what you got!

Ami said...

Your hauls are always my favorite Tao!! I picked up the Colorburst in Petal too hehehe, but I actually stopped by to say I went to my local CVS today and saw that the "Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Your Skin Makeup" (whew, whatta mouthful!) was on sale for 75% off!!! I picked up three of them! Two in my shade and one darker in Golden Beige for a contour color. Omgggg I saved like $27! I was reminded me of you bc you did a review on this before which encouraged me to get it and I ended up really loving this foundation and have been using it ever since. /coolstorybro :D