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Friday, February 18, 2011

Dear God...

Please make my period go away so I'm not retaining 15lbs of water. I'd like to fit my face on to my camera screen. Kthxbai.

Yeah....for those of you who are wondering why I haven't posted any new vids, it's because I'm more bloated than a manatee. I'd LIKE to appear all thin and glamorous on camera (since when were you EVER thin and glamorous?). I think part of it is b/c of my time of the month, another part is b/c I can't stop eating sodium enriched foods like Ramen, chips, and Ritz crakers w/ butter & jam. So maybe I'm NOT bloated, maybe I just got super fat.

Oy. FML. I need to pick up running again....but it's cold out........ FML^2

My coworker is on this HCG diet, where you take this pregnancy hormone drop under your tongue 3 times a day. She lost 12 lbs in the first WEEK. She's been on that diet for like 3 weeks now and had lost 20lbs (jaw + floor til the end of time!!!!!!!!!!). Here's the catch though: While you are on this diet, you can only consume 500 calories a day. Also, the HCG drops are $150 for a little dropper bottle. Oh HELL NAW, for $150, I'll get to eat whatever I want whenever I want. Screw th 500 calories a day diet. My morning coffee has more calories than that (I like my cream w/ a little bit a coffee, plus a huge blob of whip cream)!!

I am making a conscious effort to eat healthier though. Nathan and I went to farmer's market and got a lot of fruits and veggies....but is it just me or are healthy food not as filling? I could eat a Big Mac and be full for a couple hours. When I eat healthy foods, I'm always ravished.  Maybe I subliminally feel guilty for consuming 1000+ calories in one meal that I train my body to not eat after that? I can't just eat ONE apple, I need like 5 and still feel empty afterwards. Maybe I've already stretched my stomach out way too much. *shrugs*

Sigh, there is a long road ahead of me...I'm not greedy though, losing 5 lbs a month is enough for me. So by the time summer rolls around (and all the workout fanatics in Boulder start to show off their perfect bodies), I won't look like an awkward person living in the wrong city.

Thanks for reading guys! I know this post probably doesn't make any sense, but made sense in my head.

Have a great day guys!


P.S. Hi Allie! It was very nice meeting you at the counter the other day. Sorry I seemed frantic/emotionally uninvested, I'm not good in surprising situations like that. Whenever you get a chance though, definitely drop by and let's play with some colors!! I've love to do your makeup! :)


Maria said...

Oh hon, that diet doesn't sound healthy at all.

I think the reason your friend is losing so much weight isn't because she's taking these drops, it's because she's limited her caloric intake so much her body is in starvation mode!

You are beautiful, and you can do whatever you put your mind to! I'm a bigger gal and found that fibre rich foods and lots of proteins helped me stay full longer - if I stuck to it that is, lol. Maybe that will help a little.

Lin said...

I think being healthy is the new trend, and I like it!
XD haha I completely hopped on the band wagon. Yeppp I think your co-worker is going at it the wrong way. It's very easy to bounce back if you lose weight too soon. Plus it's not about how much you weigh =) it's about how much your body will thank you for choosing to eat healthier!

But I understand eating healthy is like eating air. When I eat healthy I eat constantly...and surprising I still don't gain weight =) it's very refreshing...or it means that compared to what I was eating before it's still less XD

I'm not giving up of yummy foods like pasta XD

Anonymous said...

Hi Tao! I love watching your videos and blog, you're so funny! You make me laugh all the time :)

AngelicBetrayal said...

I read about that HCG diet in a magazine recently and apparently it's a really shady diet with little scientific evidence to back it up. I'm glad you're not going to try it! Healthy is definitely the way to go :)

Unfortunately I have yet to muster up the determination to stop pigging out and exercise more >.< Goodluck Tao! && can't wait for more posts and videos~

Kusanagi said...

You look so pretty in your new vid! Losing 5 lbs/month is a healthier way than cutting down to 500 cals/day. I hope you can inspire your coworker to implement lifestyle change rather than fad dieting. She may lose a lot of weight up front, but she needs a maintenance plan otherwise she'll gain a lot of it back. Good luck!

sherri said...

I like my coffee the same way too. I've never had success with diets but I wish you all the best.

1xellus1 said...

OMG if I only ate 500 calories a day, I think my heart would stop beating. LOL SEriously, w/ that lil' bit o calories, one would probably be burning muscle as well as fat. Not good for the kidneys. I did Weight Watchers many moons ago. I reached my goal weight. I think I should do it again. No gimmicks, just portion control & real food. That's something we can do for the rest of our lives. Have you seen JHud? OMG jaw drops to floor. She looks INCREDIBLE! Def some inspiration for me. I love the salt too. LOL Hang in there. Love the post. Very conversational.

CanadianChick said...

Man, it's the 500 calories, not the drops! You should never consume less than 1200 calories a day unless directed to by a professional. I am freaking out about my weight too... trying to eat healthier, getting leaner, it's all crazy. You're beautiful, we can do this, Tao!

Gaby said...

if you really want to try the hgc diet you can get the drops at cvs for like 40 dollars

Angelica said...

That diet sounds terrifying. You need at least 700 calories a day just for your brain to function!

And though it's easy to drop the pounds now with that diet, it's a certainty that a person can't keep up this diet in the long term. And yo-yo dieting makes weight loss impossible to maintain.

You're doing it the safe way, good luck!

Jen said...

I totally know what you mean when you say healthy food doesn't fill you up! When healthy stuff does fill me up, I find that I get hungry soon after, whereas after I'm full of junk, I don't feel like eating for hours and hours! How is that fair? Sigh.

Allie said...

Hi Tao, I should be the one to apologize, I walked in, saw you, and was all in like excited mode, I wasn't going to say anything, but then I did, it kind of just came out. But, it was nice meeting you, you're very nice.

Mai Wu said...

I was just researching the hcg diet too..the clinic local to me sells one bottle for $35 and give 110% mental/physical support and encouragement i think they upped the 500 calorie diet to 800-900 so you won't feel like a loser..I almost considered it but I'm still iffy as its still a bit shady for leaning more towards medifast even though that's MORE expensive as hell.-___- I blame my mom for making me a fat kid geezthnxma

Isabel said...

Hey Tao.. I've tagged you..

I won't survive on apples either btw lol! Just stuffed myself with an amazing dinner last night. Salad, pizza and 2 pastas for my Bf and I muahahaha..

Ji said...

Hi Tao,

Your coworker's diet not only sounds dangerous, but honestly I think that the only reason why she is loosing weight is because she's only eating 500 calories a day. Also, in my med school reproduction class we learned that hCG is a pregnancy hormone, and last time I checked, ppl gain weight during pregnancy...=p. You look beautiful just the way you are, but I understand the feeling of wanting to eat better and feel better. Last year I weighed around 154 lb and on my 5 ft 3 in frame I felt heavy, sluggish, and miserable. All I wanted to do was crawl into a hole and eat away my problems. But then I went to med school in a place where people all look like they came out of a hot outdoorsy catalog, and I was determined to change my ways. I learned the hard way that exercise alone doesn't work unless you also change your diet after working out almost everyday for 3 months without dropping a single lb. In class we learned that diet+exercise is the best thing to recommend to our patients. I started cutting back what I ate (1500 cal/day, tracking calories with an iphone app really helps) and working out 3x/wk (30 min cardio, 30 min abs/weights) and after a long time (6+ months), I managed to loose 40+ lb. But I also gained a new more positive relationship with food and learned to make exercise an important part of my life instead of thinking of it as a chore. Loosing weight slowly (1/2-1 lb/wk) is safe and way more effective than dropping weight fast because are bodies are wired to stay at a certain setpoint and is very very resistant to change. Therefore, I wouldn't be surprised if your coworker gains it all back as soon as she starts eating like a normal person again. In order to make it last and make it count, you have to change the setpoint, and unfortunately that takes time. But the journey may help you gain a new relationship with food, learn new healthier habits, and make you feel better overall. I think that going by how you feel rather than the scale is the most important thing. If you start putting good things into your body, your body will love you back! Sorry for the ramble, but I know how hard it is to struggle with your body and I just wanted share what I could. Good luck! Love your videos!

mayaari said...

at 500 calories/day, she's starving herself...that's just the plain truth, and whenever she hits her goal weight on that diet, she's going to gain weight back if she starts eating more than 500 calories a day again.

I'm still working on motivating myself to work out more than once a week, but I've been working on portion control and eating healthier. The trick to filling up on more veggies is pairing veggies with something that has a lot of protein or fiber to help keep you full, like slices of cucumber/peppers/carrots with hummus (the chickpeas in the hummus fill you up more than say, ranch dressing or some kind of cheesy dip) or apple slices with peanut butter, or some steamed fish/chicken with veggies. Sounds boring, but you can mix it up by trying different veggies or using herbs/citrus to season everything.

Drinking more water could help curb calories as well - a lot of times we snack on food when we're really in need of water.

Gaby said...

Hi Tao! I swear by Ji's writings. I lost 48.4lbs (3 stone 6,5 lbs) in a year by doing 3-5 exercise sessions per week and controlling my food intake. Eat a decent portion of main meal every time and be really conscious of sweets, junk food & alcohol.

P.S. It was only hard in the beginning, but once you make it a lifestyle you'll go through it like a breeze. Good luck!