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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have my own Comfort Zone too....

Soo...yeah, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside after reading concerned comments from so many of you in my last post. Don't worry, I won't follow that crazy HCG diet no matter now tempting it sounds. Mainly because there's NO way in hell that I'd be able to follow a 500 calories a day diet, LOL! 

I know there's been a lot of talks about the new Wet n' Wild color icon palettes. After searching high n' low, I finally found them at my local Walgreens. I got Comfort Zone and Petal Pusher. I didn't get the blue one because I don't wear blue too often to justify the purchase. 

This post is dedicated to my Comfort Zone palette. I honestly love it to death. I've worn it every single day since I got it. 

With out flash:

With flash:

I did a super simple 5 mins look w/ this:

I used all the colors from the left side. The powders are pressed rather loosely, so while the color payoff is AMAZING, you'll also experience some fallout. 

Some swatches: 
Colors on the left side: These colors are rather warm. You can literally just throw any of the colors on and run out the door. 

Colors on the right side: Mossy greens. These colors would look great on brown eyes. 

All the colors from the Comfort Zone palette are shimmery, blendable, and very very pigmented. 

The final pics of the entry:
I love the subtlety of the colors! Overall a must-have from the drugstore. At $4.99 a pop, you cannot go wrong with this!! 

Thanks for reading guys! 




xDiamondsandPearlsx said...

I love the look of this palette. Gutted we can't get it here in the UK!xx

Sammiebbz * said...

aww thats a pretty palette! wished they sell tha in the UK =-[ x x x

Lin said...

pfweeww glad to hear you're not going to follow a dangerous diet @_@

and ahhh I was trying to reason to myself that I wasn't going to get anymore eyeshadow. I've seen the comfort pallete on other blogs but I always said to myself "nah"

but you made just decide I needed it XD omggggg

luvsss XD

MakeUpbyLaura1 said...

You Look Very Nice!
Love your Blog!!

Tara said...

I love the colors in this palette! very pretty on you too :)

cjx3pooh said...

Am I mistaken in always thinking you have a monolid? I remember you saying eye primers don't matter b/c you don't have anywhere to crease o.o

Tao said...

cjx3pooh: I DO have monolids. However, when I'm not bloated/curl my lashes/put on waterproof mascara, sometimes I achieve double eyelids for a few hours. LOL!

.blushfully. said...

Love this palette!! Wish we have the brand here in Australia! Even so, it'll probably cost double the price that it is in US. hahaha...


1xellus1 said...


JJ aka hummiemd said...

It's probably super easy to do, but can you make a tutorial for this eotd? or describe where you put the colors? this is the exact makeup look i try to do (brown gradient daytime friendly smokey eye) but i always end up making some sort of smokey eye only suitable for night time... thanks!

Steph said...

so pretty~~
i need to get some W & W palettes~

Fannie said...

They look pigmented. Will have to check this pallete out. Thanks for the review.

Shizznizzle said...

Oh yay you got them :) I love this palette too. Love the look, Tao!

Hussy said...

I always come across this but never thought to try it out! Thanks for the review :)