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Friday, February 25, 2011

Lesson of the day (part 1)

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT GET AHA NEAR YOUR EYES!!!

This might be a total "DUH~" for most of you, but since I'm a genius, I totally thought that getting some kind of ACID close to my eyes was the best idea of the century.

I used AHA+ from, which is a terrific product at chemically exfoliating my skin. It speeds up my skin's renewal process and allow the new skin to be soft and supple. I thought that it'd do the same thing for the little fine lines I was getting around my eyes. Since I have really dry skin and I am very animated, the "expression" lines have been forming out of  control. I just dabbed a little of the AHA right around my eye like I would with an eyecream. I went to sleep all giddy thinking that the next morning my eyes would be so smooth and younger-looking.

I was wrong...So wrong.

I looked like I sat in the sun for 50 hrs and am going through the worst sunburn ever. My skin was all peeling and raw. I went to take the trash out and when I got home, Nathan asked if I was alright. I looked in the mirror and you could literally see the sheets of my skin were peeling off.

Evidence: This is after 2 hrs of me painstakingly removing all the major flakes.

Oh, and for people who wondered if I were monolids or double lids: Excuse the skin. My skin scar really easily.

I almost didn't want to go to work that day. Thank Baby Jesus it was a short shift. The makeup didn't go on right, it didn't stay on, and everything looked patchy. I felt so self conscious and embarrassed.

However, being the skincare junkie that I am, I dove right into finding the perfectly soothing skincare regime to salvage my skin. After 1 week of non-stop pampering, I'm proud to say that even though the scars are still very much visible, my skin texture and feel changed completely. It is very soft and smooth now.

How did I do it and what did I use? That, my friends, is the part 2 of this post (sorry, totally am late for work). I will get back to you guys pronto.

Thanks for reading!



jilliandanica said...

phew glad your skin is on the road to recovery. can't wait to read part 2!

leslielovesmakeup said...

Girl just wait. Put hydrocortisone to help the burning and use a really good moisturizer. I use retin a all over my face and on my eyes, but I use a really rich moisturizer to help it from flaking. I know in the future I'm preventing wrinkles!!

MissPukku said...

Hmm, that's kind of weird because just yesterday I was browsing the eye cream section in target and I saw that this Neutrogena eye cream had AHA in it :/

Glad your skin is doing good now! :)

Anonymous said...

OMGosh, I'm sorry to see how painful that looks! I would totally freak out too! I'm glad it's better. I will be waiting for an update on this blog. I'm following your blog now. lol

-knx86 (subscriber from youtube)

Takhisis said...

i dont even know if am i saying the right thing under this post and i will totally look like a weirdo but i will say anyway. i love you. i love reading your blog and i love watching your videos. i wish you had 3452 more videos that i didnt watch yet but unfortunately i have watched all of them :D

tsuki said...

benzoyl peroxide does the same for me. My derm prescribed me some gel with just a tiny bit of bp for acne and I tried so hard to keep it away from my eyes, but I still got that sort of flaky/itchy/chemical burn reaction =___=;;

Dye-A-Graham said...

My goodness that looks so painful. Poor girl. Beauty hurts! Now if you put the AHA on the correct part of your face, does your skin start to immediately peel? I'm not familiar with AHA's and would love to know. AN instant peel sounds really a-peel-ing to me..hahaha..thanks for sharing!

Steph said...

glad it's better now =D
can't wait to hear the good news ~

Frances said...

bless your heart! you poor girl. I can not imagine your horror. well, I can. I done something diffrent but it was firming cream on my eyes!!! BAAAAAD idea!

sherri said...

Oh no Tao :( I'm sorry that happy but glad it's getting better now :)

TheEmmiFace said...

Hello Tao!

I've been a long time follower, but I've been to shy to comment, especially since I didn't have a blog of my own. Now I do :)

I'm sorry about your eyes :( I'm glad that those yucky symptoms are only temporary. I've been using Queen Helene's Cocoa Butter Creme around the crows feet prone area. It's really hydrating and super cheap!

garfieldagnes said...

silly girl, the eye area is the most delicate area for our entire body. The skin is the thinnest. Anything that are not formulated/designed for use around the eyes are normally too harsh for the eye area and smost of these products do make sure they mention 'avoid delicate eye area'.
Hope you feel feel better :)
all the best

Anonymous said...

wtheeck you do not have fine lines-lies! lol =p

jean` said...

hey tao, to get rid of dead skin the gentle way, you can try using Ginvera's Marvel Gel. They have the green tea version and a Nutri whitening version, both works the same way and definitely gentle enough to use on a daily basis :)

I use it all the time and no problems even when I had an allergy rash/peeling skin on face problem. It helped the recovery even.

Oh. and use it on your neck! its aweeeeeeeesome