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Monday, February 28, 2011

Lesson of the day (part 2)

Ok I'm back. Thanks for being concerned after reading my last post. My skin is a lot better now.

This is what  I did for 4 days after the incident:
For Day:

I splash my face with water, pat dry, then spritz my face with LOTS of MAC Fix +, followed up by 2 pumps of Garden of Wisdom HA Serum to retain the moisture.

Then I PRESS a healthy dollop of Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream all over my skin after I emulsified it between my hands. It's great for sensitive, dry, and weather-damaged skin. It keeps my skin moisturized all day long and makes makeup look a lot better.

Since the Rose Day Cream doesn't have any SPF, I used Neutrogena Oil Free moisturizer with SPF  15 on top to protect my skin.

At Night:

I removed my face makeup with MAC Cleanse Off oil, and Lancome Bi-Facil to remove my eye makeup/lashes.

Then I used a really gentle cleanser ( cleanser, forgot to take a pic, but will do a separate review on all of the products I've used) in the shower along with a microfiber cloth to exfoliate.

Leaving my face SLIGHTLY damp, I used 3 drops of Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate all over my face.

While that's drying, I pressed some Dr. Hauschka Rose cream into my skin again. Since it doesn't have SPF, you can use it day and night.

Last but not least, I used Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado around my skin. Since the area around my eyes was brutally abused by the AHA, it needs a little extra TLC. My coworker recommended this to me and gave me a couple samples (Side note: Kiehl's give really healthy-sized samples). It is sooo gentle and moisturizing.

I credit these three items for my skin's recovery.

Both the Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream and Kiehl's Creamy eye treatment w/ Avocado take a few minutes to be fully absorbed since they are so hydrating. The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a godsend and I will never be without it again.

The texture of the Rose cream (left) and the avocado eye cream (right)

My skin now with out makeup. Yes, I still have  lot of scars from picking my skin, but the texture is a lot better.

My skin now with makeup. YAY!! No more flaky skin/foundation!

It was a lesson learned. I will be gentle to my skin and pamper it every day. I'm glad to have my skin back.

Thanks for reading.


P.S. I really REALLY recommend the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. For realz.


Ganya said...

tao im glad to see your skin back to normally, it looked painful in the first post :(

and who care about the scars i have them aswell i use a fading ance/freckle serum has really helped


MissPukku said...

Your skin looks great! :)

●♥ PopBlush ♥● said...

Glad to hear your skin has gotten better! Xo

Lin said...

whooo skin care junky ftw XD

I've gotta try the midnight recovery serum @___@ it looks soooo good

Sophie said...

what do you recommend for fading acne scars??

Kizzy said...

Happy to see your skin's better, Tao! I know how much it sucks if your skin doesn't look great. I've been there.

Vivian said...

Hi Tao,

Glad to hear your skin's getting better. It can be traumatic when these kind of things happen. Especially when it may involve scarring!

Anyway, wanted to let you know how much we enjoy browsing your blog. We decided to feature it on Monolid Love, a Tumblr site that's all about (you guessed it) monolids. Hopefully you don't mind, and if you are uncomfortable with it in any way at all, do let us know and we'll take it down.

In the mean time, keep up with the FOTDs and product swatches. They're fantastic stuff. :)

Lady In A Top Hat said...

I love skin care recommendations. I am definitely getting a bottle of the midnight recovery. Your eyes can never get too much loving. :)

Anonymous said...

Lookin' forward to your review!

Justine said...

I hyperpigment very easily as well, so I sympathize. I'm glad to hear that your skin is recovering. 10% AHA is too concentrated to apply to the eyes! If you dare to try again, use a very low concentration. I had persistent milia on my eyes for at least 6 years that the dermatologist wouldn't extract because of their location. Surprisingly, Garden of Wisdom's BHA/Azelaic Cream brought the milia to the surface in a few days and now the area is smooth with no hyperpigmentation or scarring. GoW's BHA/Azelaic Cream also contains mandelic acid and moisturizers.

Ashley Borysewich said...

i'm a big fan of the rose day cream as well!

love your blog! following you on your blog and youtube now :)