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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When Creativity Clashes with Reality...

this is what WE have to look like...

Recently we had an event at Nordstrom called Mascara Madness. It basically means that buy any two mascaras, get one free. Great deal, right? I'm sure the thrill of getting 33% discount on Dior, Lancome, Chanel, and MAC mascaras will attract more women than the appearance of Robert Pattinson, right? LOL.

Well, our managers thought that it would be a GREAT idea for us to only do makeup on ONE eye. This way people can see the difference between lashes with mascara and without.

First of all, I'm pretty sure this idea would fly in Las Vegas, New York, or even Los Angeles, but we are in Colorado...We are going to look like freaks on our lunch breaks. Besides, I wear false lashes on a daily basis and never had any problems selling mascaras. Women pretty much love mascaras like white on rice.

Well, after a few futile attempts at changing our managers' minds, I just sucked it up and did it. According to my coworkers and many customers, I look like I'm winking....

What I have on:

--MAC F&B foundation in C2
--Cinema Secret foundation in 302-65A
--Ben Nye poudre visage in Banana

--NYC bronzer in Sunny
--MAC Harmony blush to contour
--MAC My Paradise powder
--MAC Soft & Gentle

Made-up Eye:
--Soft Ochre Paint pot
--Deep Bronze color from Summer Stash Crush Metal pigment on inner crease/bottom lashline
--Light shimmery pink from the Summer Stash Crush Metal pigment on browbone/inner tearduct
--MAC Gold Mine on outer crease
--Stila Smudgepot in Black
--false lashes

Bare Eye:
--Soft Ochre paint pot
--MAC Prep n' Prime lash primer

--I later threw on Naturally Eccentric l/s with Strange Potion l/g on top.

Close up:

When you can't do anything to change the fact, just grin and bear it. It helps working at MAC though because we are known for coming up with random stuff like this. I felt bad for the girls at Chanel/Bobbi Brown.

Have a wonderful day guys! Thanks for stopping by!



jilliandanica said...

Interesting marketing concept. Definitely a good thing that you work for MAC though because it's a little easier to pull the look off. Did it help you sell more mascara?

JC! :) said...

LOL! ITA, that's a funny idea considering you're in Colorado, but hey... quirky can be fun. :)

cjx3pooh said...

False lashes vs no mascara... Not fair, lol. You look great still though

Marge said...

how you compose your blog posts is just funny to me, at least.

i kinda like the idea of a 'before and after'

yeh chanel & bobbi brown, even all the way here in Manila seem like they're having less fun o_O

Anonymous said...

u look pretty all ways...with and without but I would have done a double take and asked if you rushed out and forgot

Red lips, Black hair said...

Well I think you look beautiful no matter what! And you don't look like you're winking. :)

Jamilla Camel said...

You are an oustanding poster girl for the power of eye makeup. But I agree with you about Colorado! And the Chanel girls..OMG!

ChinaDoll said...

You still look great and you were able to pull it off! Was it effective? :)

meowie said...

Nice even without the big lashes! ^•^

Tamara said...

sweetness, you still look AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL with or without make up on both eyes, so you can relax ;)))