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Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm a Classy Broad much so that I went in to Hot Topic.

Well, let's back track. I did not, repeat, did NOT go in there with the intention of buying anything. I went down to the Park Meadows Mall in Denver with my friend BJ to get MAC application certified (which I did, thanks for asking). We were 40 minutes early (I overestimated the amount the traffic we'd hit on a Monday), so we were just walking around the mall to kill time.

We basically went into EVERY store in the mall, so Hot Topic was no exception. I know, I regretted it immediately when I got hit by MASSIVE amounts of Twilight & Emo merchandise. Nonetheless, BJ and I kept walking around (killing time really isn't that much fun, FYI).

We went to the clearance section in the back with the intention of making fun of everything, but then I saw some makeup. So this is what I ended up with...

Guess how much these costed me? Go ahead, guess....

They costed me $4 with tax!! They were only $0.98 each! Deal of the Day? I think so!

Swatches: I THINK the colors are Pink, Hot Pink, Orange, and Red.

Pink & Orange
Hot Pink & Red

Two things I hate about these blushes:
1. Once you get rid of the packaging, you no longer know the names of the blushes for sure.
2. The containers are hard to open at times.

What I LOOOOOOVE about these blushes are the pigmentation, longevity, and their ability to reduce the appearance of my pores. Oh my gosh they are some of the MOST pigmented blushes I've ever seen!!! My favorite is definitely Orange.

Description of the colors:

PINK: It is a very pale cool toned pink; great dupe of NARS Desire blush. It might look ashy on very dark skin. However, on fair skin, it would make you look like Snow White.

HOT PINK: The name says it all. It's a SHOCKINGLY bright pink. It reminds me of the limited edition MAC blush (Her Blooming Cheek) that came out with the 2010 Christmas collection (Tartan Tale). Very very pigmented, so make sure to use a light hand and a very soft brush.

ORANGE: It's not very orange, it's more like a bright peach. It looks GORGEOUS on tan/dark complexion. It just emphasizes the tan so well. Since I'm a bronzer fiend nowadays, I wear this blush whenever I'm NOT working (can't use things that's not MAC, just in case customers want to know what you're wearing).

RED: Not red, but more of a bright coral. It's very similar to Rock & Republic blush in X-Rated. It's gorgeous, but since I have a lot of acne scars on my cheeks, this tends to emphasize it a wee bit. Hence I don't wear it often.

So what's the lesson of the day?

Give unassuming places/products a try. Sometimes they'll pleasantly surprise you. If not, then you've got a great story to tell other. :)

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!! Guess who's working? *raises hand*




Leticia said...

What a deal! I have been thinking of trying the baked shadows they have there.

ShinyPrettyThings said...

holy crap, those are great deals!!!! i'll admit i've picked up a few pairs of cute earrings at Hot Topic in my hs days, like the happiest, non-emo things i could find in that store LOL those blushes look great!!!! there's no brand? hahaa

Beauty and the Scientist said...

Great deal! I haven't been to Hot Topic in forever.

Eve said...

awesome deal!!
and the blushes looks so pretty!

Mimi said...

That is such a bargain, I love it when I find stuff like that. Those colours are great, so bright and vibrant!

Mimi from Eyeshadow Lipstick

Enigma said...

Bargain!! :)

elle said...

amazing dealll!!! i really want the hot pink and red one! imma hve to stop by hot topic tomorrow and see if my local hot topic has these in stock XD!!!

Purele said...

The red colour blush is gorgeous!! What a good deal :)

check out my giveaway:

Marge said...

the shades are so pretty! awesome bargain ;-)

Alex said...

Great post!! :D i fell in love with the hot pink blush *_* :D i just star my blog can you pleas chek out and tell me what you think? am i doing good? i would love to know your opinion, kisses and hearts