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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: L'oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss

Is it me or are there A LOT of new drugstore stuff coming out? My wallet was burning when I left Walmart with a huge bag of new drugstore makeup I wanted to try.

First up are these new L'oreal glosses called Colour Riche le Gloss.

What attracted me first was the packaging. They come in a slim squeezy tube with shiny letters that look all high-end. It reminds me to something that Estee Lauder might come up with.

There are a HUGE variety of colors (I think 16?). The claim is that these glosses are light weight, high shine, long-lasting, and super moisturizing with Omega-3, Argan oil, and vitamin E.

I picked up 4 colors because at $7 a pop, you can afford to try more colors.

From L-R: Saucy Mauve, Golden Splash, Nude Touch, and Blushing Berry

Swatches: Same order as above

Now onto the review:

--Very moisturizing.
--AMAZING texture. They feel like a slightly thicker version of MAC Lipgelees.
--Smells DIVINE!! They smell like creme brule and vanilla cupcake.
--Lot of bang for your buck. You get 0.4 oz of products for $7, that's a lot of glosses!
--Sleek design and ease of application.
--Decent pigmentation for a gloss.

--Not "super glossy" as they claim. It's only semi glossy at best. At times I feel as if I were only wearing lipstick.
--Poor lasting power. They last for 45 mins to an hour on me at the most.

Overall I think they are great basic good smelling lipglosses. I wouldn't buy them full priced again. $7 is a bloody rip-off for what they are. I've give them 3.5 stars out of 5. If you were on the market for something cute/good smelling to try, go ahead and get these. :)

Hope that helped!

I'm in the process of doing another blog sale. Stay tuned!



Jamilla Camel said...

very pretty colors!

Musicalhouses said...

Wow those glosses look great :)