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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Thank Baby Jesus we are sporting Fall/Winter trends, which means that I can sport my signature super fierce wing liner again!


This is my signature look:

What I used:

--MAC F&B fdtn in C2
--EL Doublewear max cover in Creamy vanilla
--Dior diorskin Nude concealer in 001 Ivory under the eyes
--Physician's Formula Bronze Booster Pressed Shimmer Bronzer in Light-Med. <--Amazing!

--MAC Harmony to contour
--Ben Nye blush in Fresh Coral
--MAC Soft & Gentle MSF

--NARS All About Eve duo
--Ben Nye e/s in Mink Stole on the outer V
--Stila Smudgepot in black
--Bobbi Brown e/s in Espresso on brows <--I'm obsessed with super FIERCE brows lately

--Hm....I THINK it was MAC Oyster Girl lipglass, I'm not sure though

More pics:

Ah....I've missed you so much winged liner. Let's never be apart again.

I hope everyone's having a great day. I promise I'll get more vids up when I get a few days off. :)



Sunday, August 21, 2011

When you work at a cosmetic counter yet don't want to wear makeup...

this is a look you should do. 

This look literally took me 10 mins from start to finish. 

What I used:

--MAC F&B fdtn in C2
--EL Doublewear Max Cover in Creamy vanilla

--MAC Refined Golden to add color
--MAC Harmony to contour
--NARS Deep Throat

--WnW Walking on Eggshell (bronze color all over lid)
--WnW I Got Good Jeans (navy under my eyes)
--MAC Nylon on brow bone

--Maybelline Shinesesational l/s in Raspberry crush

More pics:

Close up:

Why yes, I do make duck face. It shows my contour oh so well. 

I am so tired today. I'm enjoying my day off immensely. 

Why do I feel like death you ask?
Yes, I started the Insanity Workout. 

Shawn T, you so FINE! 

I've been doing all the workout EVERYDAY for a week. I honestly feel like I've been ran over by a train. I will have to do it more to properly review it, but DAMN, this sh*t is BANANAS.
I'm out guys, enjoy your Sundays!



Monday, August 15, 2011

Time Flies...

You know how sometimes you plan on taking a little break for a couple days, but then WEEKS pass before you even realize it?

Yep, that happened to me.

I just wanted to completely enjoy my few days off without making any videos, blog posts, etc, but then I just lost complete interest in starting back up. I know, I'm ashamed of myself too.

Anyway, I'm back with a FOTD. Holy Guacamole it's been forever!!

What I used:

--MAC F&B in C2
--Estee Lauder Doublewear Max Coverage in Creamy Vanilla on acne
--Dior Long Wearing Moisturizing Concealer in 520
--Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Light 0-1
--Physician's Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Pressed Shimmer Bronzer in Light to Medium <--that's a LONG name!!

--MAC Harmony Blush to contour
--Tarte Amazonian 12-hr blush in Tickled <--Came with my 2nd installment of QVC Tarte set
--Stila Kitten e/s as highlight

--MAC Woodwinked on lid
--MAC Shroom to highlight
--MAC Steamy on bottom liner
--false lashes
--Stila Nanda Devi on brows

--Nothing in the pics, but later threw on some Love Nectar lustreglass.

More pics:

Close up of the eye:


My recent addiction:

Well, I hope you enjoyed this long-overdue post. I'm gonna go do inventory at work today. It's a midnight shift yo'. I expect it to be filled with gummie bears, Red Bulls, and a lot of counting.

Have a great one!


Monday, August 8, 2011

This review made my day...

image from

This is why I love the internet.

During the bleak financial crisis our world is going through right now, it's up to ourselves to find humor in little things in life. I hope this review made you chuckle, even just a little bit. Remember, it's always darkest before the dawn.

I always have to keep telling myself that life is short, so enjoy it. Stop and smell the roses. I'm so anal when it comes to certain things that I just can't relax. I always compete with myself. I always have to be THE best. That way to life, though financially rewarding, is tiring. I need to slow down and take a moment to reflect on my life. You'll never learn if you don't look back and see what you did wrong/right.

Have a great day guys. Remember, when life gets overwhelming, spread out your arms and take a deep breath. It works wonders, I promise!



P.S. Good luck on your certification Siobahn!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Don't you just want to blend in?

Today I want to talk about a topic that's close to my heart. It's not beauty related and could get ramble-y.

I've NEVER blended in anywhere in my life.

While I've always had a group of friends, I never felt that I was very emotionally involved with anything. I'm the kind of people who can be your best friend when we're in class/at work, but you don't know much about me. I don't like talking about my personal life. As many of you noticed (and pointed out), I don't social network and talk a lot about what's going on in my life. I just don't feel comfortable sharing stuff like that with a lot of people. Internet doesn't go away. Everything you say, everything you do could potentially turn on you in the future.

I feel horrible for saying this, but the only person who I share absolutely everything with is Nathan. That's right, I even pick and choose with the stuff I tell my mom. I love my mom, but she's the type of parents who always want to have the last word. When I tell her stuff she will always use that to teach me a lesson. While I appreciate that, at times I get overwhelmed. I've learned from experience that Nathan won't judge me and try to change me.

I've always thought that something's wrong with me. Nothing excites me, nothing intrigues me, nothing could make me care.

You know the type of people who are just sooo good at dealing with others that they just seem to effortlessly make everyone like them? Yeah, that's not me. I just simply don't care to suck up, to fake, or to lie my way to friendship. When I was little, I've tried really hard to blend in, to be "popular". As I got older, I realized how draining that way of life is. Not that I don't still want to be well-liked and popular, at this point in my 23 years of life, I simply do not care.

I don't care that some people don't like me. You can't please everyone. I've learned to be true to myself. You don't always have to be defensive, but definitely don't go out of your way to change yourself in order to fit in. That way of life will come back and bite you in the butt.

Honestly, take it from someone who's been through it all: Be true to yourself. I know it's cliche, but in the long run, your life will get easier and less stressful. Was it lonely in the beginning? A little bit. Did it get better? Absolutely.

Lastly, I leave you all with the wise words of Beauty Addict Kitty:
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Have a wonderful day. Remember, always be true to yourself. If someone doesn't accept you for who you are, they'll never truly accept you.