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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Find of the Year

I don't care who you are, you NEED this in your life.

Kirkland 10 Piece Deluxe Brush Collection 

 I got mine from Costco for $24.99. You get 10 AMAZING brushes AND a brush roll.

It comes with
--cheek brush (we call it flat top buffer brush)
--Powder brush (LOVE)
--Finish brush (Stippling brush)
--Contour Kabuki
--Liner brush
--Crease brush
--All over eye brush
--Angled eye brush
--Highlighting brush
--Foundation concealer brush (LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE)
--super awesome brush roll

I don't know about you, but I KNOW I'm getting a back up. I used all the brushes today and OMG SOFTNESS!! I especially like the pointed foundation/concealer brush. It applied my under eye concealer like a dream. LOOOOOOOOOOVE~


Happy shopping,



Lindsay @ A Walk in the Closet said...

I recently got a Costco membership and discovered they had some amazing finds! Have you seen the Kirkland by Borghese sets? They also have colored makeup and skincare by Borghese, too. It's at a fraction of the regular line's price but apparently is just as good!

Anonymous said...

What a marvellous deal for $25!


Tao said...

Lindsay: I've heard so much about the Borghese masks! I saw them ONCE at my Costco and hesitated, then I've NEVER seen them again. Sigh...coulda woulda shoulda. :(

Anonymous said...

Just found out I have a Costco nearby (moved a few months ago). This is exciting to know. Thanks for sharing.

Leticia said...

GAH!! Thanks so much for this post. I just saw them the other day, but I wasn't sure about them so I skipped them.

aMz88 said...

the kabuki looks lovely and soft <3
nice purchase :)

Jian said...

I got this set for my mum when we were wandering in Costco! Shes a makeup noob see. Anyway, so as I was washing them I was also shocked at how amazing soft they were! i stole her blusher brush and kabuki powder brush because she has no need of them (she only has cream blushes, and she was sold a Bobbi Brown powder brush for some insane reason xD). I am very sneaky am I not? :D

Ashley said...

I already have two Kirkland x Borghese brush sets... I reeeeally can't justify another one. I really want the flat top and stippling brush though!

conniewxx said...

I have Costco's brush set from 2 years ago, it's decent but the only one I ever use is the powder brush. This looks very intriguing... We'll see how much money I have at the end of this month, lol

Stacieee said...

I look for these year after year at my Costco and I never see the brush sets! I'm feeling the kabuki brush. Hows the quality of these?

Tao said...

Connie: The quality to these are AMAZING!!! Seriously, I love these more than my MAC brushes.

Tao said...

Stacie: Every Costco has different products in store, so maybe check its website? I definitely recommend the brush set because these are seriously some of the best ones I've tried.

Dye-A-Graham said...

Awww man, we don't have a Costco where I live..just boring old Sam's Club and they don't even have a make-up section!!! And they call themselves a one-stop shopping store....hmph..ahahah

giggle girlie gang said...

THANKS!THANKS!Tao I can't thank u ur post in afternoon..rushed to Costco in evening hoping that brush set will be available at my costco and yipeee! along with milk I bought my lovely brush set!!happy!happy!!