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Friday, October 14, 2011

Mother Nature

I've never been an outdoorsy kinda person. I like my TV, computer, and shopping malls. However, when the weather gets cooler, I almost feel as if I were being suffocated when I'm in door all the time.

Yes, the weather in Boulder has been PERFECT lately. It has just the right amount of warmth to keep your nose running, but it has definitely cooled off enough that you know to throw on a jacket when stepping out. Leaves are changing colors, air is becoming more crisp, and you can almost smell holiday season in the air.


What do you do when the weather's perfect? You drag your SO hiking with you.

We went up to NCAR which is like 5 mins away from where we live. I couldn't help myself and took lots of pictures. It was just so breathtaking.

And just when you thought everything is easy-peasy with mother nature, you see an animal foot up in the tree. I mean WTF man! How did it get there?!!

Not gonna lie, Nathan and I stood there for like 15 minutes coming up w/ different scenarios. The most plausible one was a vulture got to it after most of the animal was eaten by some other predator.

After I told my mom the story, I got the whole "This is why you work hard and watch your back, so you don't end up like the deer leg". Yes, mother.

This is what I got from taking a hike on a perfect day. A taste of wondrous mother nature, and a life lesson from my mother.




P.S. Have you ever just look at your makeup/clothes stash and get so frustrated that you want to throw/burn/sell EVERYTHING?! Yes, I'm going through one of those phases right now. Expect an EPIC blog sale coming up. EPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC. 


Jacq said...

nice walk! we still have rainstorm and 90%+ humidity in Hong Kong. I feel like Autumn has left before landing :(

If you have difficulty finding Naruko stuff, just email me! :D I can send you some of my backups to try.

Have a happy day!


My money, my life said...

LOL your mom sounds like my mom. She always tries to pass on a life lesson with any story, no matter how well or ill fitting the story is to the message. oooh moms and their well-intended but sometimes hilarious "life lessons" :)

N. Linda said...

I'm with you, I'm not an outdoors person at all. I remember hiking for the first time and I thought to myself, "I am never doing this again" lol. However, when you get to the top the beautiful overview makes it worth it.

Btw, I'm also going through one of those phases except it's with shoes! I feel so sorry for those heels in my closet that never gets worn. Bless their heels!!

Anonymous said...

Love Boulder! We're moving to the area at the end of the year.

The animal leg was probably dragged up by a mountain lion?

Chewbacca said...


Francesca said...

Great pictures!

just found your blog!

i love it!


Lauren said...

Hahahah hilarious, trust mums to find some way for a stranded deer leg to be a moral oppurtunity x