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Friday, October 7, 2011

Review: L'oreal Project Runway Super Blendable Blushes

I recently ran across a special edition display for L'oreal Project Runway collection and literally did a double-take.

The entire collection was BEAUTIFUL! There were 4 color stories that featured 4 completely different Fall trends.

While all the products seemed intriguing, the blushes were the ones that screamed my name (isn't it always the blushes?). Lucky for me because there was a promotion for 40% off L'oreal cosmetics, so I ended up getting all 4 blushes (and a lipstick).

--Blend-ability. True to their names, these blushes are very easy to blend out and look natural.
--Pigmentation. DEFINITELY use a light hand. These blushes can get bright QUICK.
--Size. 10 grams of product? Hells yeah.
--Packaging. They look so chic in the slim and slighted decorated cases.
--Colors. The blush shades are all very wearable and versatile.

--Price. While $10 is quite high for a drugstore blush, you have very high quality and A LOT of product.

--Limited availability. There were only 2 of everything set out. When I asked the manager if they had more, she told me that was all the stock they received.

Watchful Owl: Slight brick-y and terracotta-ish. This is the most pigmented one. It would be a great neutral color for people with medium to dark complexion.

Charming Cockatoo: A soft rose color. It's slightly more pigmented than the rest, so use a light hand. It's very face brightening.

Audacious Amazon: a peachy-bronze. It'd look great as a bronzer for fair-complected people. It would be a great highlighter for people with darker skin. It has a frosted finish.

Sultry Raven: Light lavender pink. Very similar to MAC Coy Girl, so innocent and sweet. It has a shimmery finish.

Sultry Raven's Pout: AMAZING creamy neutral pink in the tube, but it goes on a lot nuder.

 Swatches from left to right: Charming Cocktoo, Watchful Owl, Audacious Amazon, Sultry Raven, and Sultry Raven Pout.

I will definitely do some FOTDs featuring these products, so please stay tuned!

Have a good one!



Ami said...

I saw this at CVS the other day and picked up the Sultry Raven blush and one of their LE eyeshadow palettes too! I am in love with the blush, I don't have anything else like it in my collection, and it's such a gorgeous, doll-like shade. :D

Leticia said...

Those are beautiful blushes!

Jacq said...

I think the first pink is my cup of tea :P

Nice Haul. Cheers~

Jamilla Camel said...

Really pretty! I must investigate!

conniewxx said...

I read that Sultry Raven's Pout is a dead on dupe of the L'Oreal Fairest Nude, do you own that lipstick?

Mara said...

Oh the blushes look so promising. I'm a sucker for blushes. Can't wait to see your FOTDS

cushy said...

nice blushers. i'm tempted to get them now.