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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Collab: Makeup Pan-Killing Round 1 (PvP)

Hi guys! Today I am doing a very special post, one that I think many of you would consider fun.

My friend Jacq (blog here) had suggested that we have a little friendly competition called Pan vs. Pan(PvP).

Basically we each choose 10 "contestants". These have to be products that you can visually measure the degree of usage (i.e. mascaras don't count b/c you can see the product/how much is left). We use them for a month, posting reviews/action pics in the time being, and do a comparison post at the end of the month. This way we can see how well we actually stuck to the plan and measure how fast it takes to use the products up.

Of course you can also use other products in the time being, but I'll try really hard to stick with the things I chose.

Here are the contestants:

1. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #21 1 oz <--I recently started using this for around a week. I REALLY like it so far. This is NOT the full size version, but I've rarely used up any foundation. We shall see how much I'll use up by the end of December.

2. Laura Mercier Undercover-3 <--Contains both Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealer. I kinda don't know the difference b/t the two, but I LOVE the concealer. I foresee that this will be easy to hit pan.

3. Physician'f Formula Healthy Wear SPF50 Bronzer in Light <--Very natural/light, great for my paler skin. This will take FOREVER to hit pan, but I'm hopeful. *fingers crossed*

4. MAC Blush in Harmony <--I use this everyday as a subtle contour, so it already has a slight dip. I hope to further deepen the dip.

5. Black Radiance Velvet & Glow in Modern Glamour <--I forgot how much I loved this product. It's like MAC CCB but better! I love using this in the colder weather because it's moisturizing and glowy.

6. Stila Blush duo in Quaint & Coral <--I LOOVE the Quaint (lighter) side. So natural and yet so pigmented.

7. Physician's Formula Matte Wet/Dry e/s in Baked Butter <--My goal is to flatted the dome. This is an AMAZING trio. Great for everyday office wear.

8. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie <-- Just got this recently, hoping this face brightening color can save me some get-ready time in the blistering cold morning. This also doubles as a lip balm because it's so moisturizing.
Twist all the way down

Twist all the way up

9. Tarte Pure Optics l/g in Pink Grapefruit <--Pretty generic, but the twisty-uppy lipgloss tend to be easier to use up b/c it contains less product. :)
The gloss stops right at the blue line
10. Burt's Bees Citru Face Scrub <--Bought this b/c Kandee Johnson recommended it and she has AMAZING skin. It's at 70% right now.

I keep all the makeup in a nice little pouch on my desk. It reminds me that I need to use those products first. I got this along with the order from Meow Cosmetics. 

Hope you guys enjoyed it! Go check out Jacq's post too! 



sugarbumpkin said...

Hmmm....very very interesting. I can twist this into a whole different sort of game.

Kathy said...

:o That's a fun twist on The project 10 pan concept. And Love the acronym PvP, absolutely Genius.

Jacq said...

yay yay~ i'm super excited about our project! :D

good luck killing Pans this month! :P


Hee103 said...

I cannot wait to see how it goes in the end of the month!!

Elaine Lopez said...

Fun! I wanna join! :)

conniewxx said...

I tried using the Missha BB cream but it seemed to clog my pores, I got little bumps in random places that were fine before, ehh

Courtenay*mwah* said...

Cute idea!

Defo going to follow to see how you get on..!
Good luck ;)

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