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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Review: LORAC Bejeweled Day to Night Jewelry Box

In my last post I showed a FOTD featuring the LORAC Bejeweled Day to Night Jewelry Box, so today I will do a more detailed review on it.

This is a limited edition set that is sold at Sephora exclusively. It is valued at $415 but priced at only $56.

It comes with a GIANT bronzer, a peach and a rose lip gloss, a light peachy-pink and a med-tone rose blush, a brown and a black eye liner, and two palettes that contain 16 e/s each-one for day, one for night.

Here they are:

Bronzer: A little too red for my liking, but I tried it on top of a really light blush and it looked really good. It adds a subtle boost to the face. There's a slight slight sheen to it, nothing major but worth noting. The texture is very fine, but I foresee it being a wee bit powdery if you don't use a light hand.

Lip glosses: I actually quite like them. Unlike most lip glosses that come with sets, these are actually moisturizing and balmy. They are not super pigmented, but you can build it up to a semi-opaque level. Peach is a light peachy beige, great with a smoky eye or if you want something that you can apply without looking at a mirror. Rose is a deeper mauve-y rose color that can slightly brighten your face without looking garish. My favorite of the two is Rose, but then again, I like more of a bright lip look.

Eye liners: Nothing to write home about. I don't use them, but from swatching, I feel that the texture is quite hard. They are pigmented though.

Blushes: Great pigmentation, satiny finish. All around winners. I LOVE LORAC blushes, so this came as no surprise.

Eyeshadow palettes: Now THESE are the stars of the show in my opinion. You get a total of 32 e/s in a wide range of colors. They are super pigmented, very blendable, and the textures are almost creamy. I LOOOOOOOOOVE theses eyeshadows. Day palette consists of mostly warm colors while the Night palette contains a lot of cooler tones. I definitely mix them up and create a huge variety of different looks.
Night Palette
Day Palette
Anyways, here's the video of the review:
I HIGHLY recommend this if you are looking to add more variety to your collection or if you are trying buy a picky person a great gift (LOL).

Have a great day guys!



Jamilla Camel said...

Really pretty, and great value!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Thanks for the rec! I will look for this!!!!! This will make a great gift for myself! ^_^

Jen said...

Wow, that's such a great little kit. Thanks for sharing. Definitely going on my Christmas List.

Sexy Little Things

Hee103 said...

Great review!!
Makes me wanna buy it, even though $56 is way out of my budget.... :(