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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: Soap & Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser

Thank you so much for everyone's support in my last blog sale. It was a huge success! As of 11/9/11, all paid parcels were shipped out. 

Now many of you know that I purchased Soap & Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser during Sephora FF sale. I desperated wanted to try it because it is a supposedly a dupe for the famous Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish face cleanser. It retails for $20 and you get 3.3oz of product, so not bad price wise. Since Liz Earle isn't readily accessible to me, I bit the bullet and tried out the Soap & Glory version.

Like Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Soap & Glory (S&G) Hot Cloth Cleanser is a white cream that you rub on your dry face with all the makeup on. It's supposed to "melt away the makeup" and deep cleanses the skin. It also comes with a muslin cloth for gentle exfoliation and complete removal of the face wash.

Here's the product:
Fab Pore™ Hot Cloth Cleanser
This is the muslin cloth:

You are supposed to apply this to dry skin, massage it in for 1 minute, let it sit for 1 minute, then remove it with a wet warm muslin cloth. It is formulated to "cleans, smooths, and melts away makeup".

Despite its claims, it does NOT remove waterproof products. My mascara (Maybelline Colossal Volume Express in waterproof) still looked perfect after I rubbed the cream on it for 2 minutes.



While my skin felt very soft and smooth right after I washed the cleanser off, within 30 seconds I saw massive clogged pores all of my face. Many turned into cystic acne (those deep under the skin owie ones) that hurt and can't be popped. My skin is now scarred and rought (even more so than before). I'm so mad and sad at the same time.

I returned this product promptly and have been battling with the residual effects ever since. This would explain why there weren't a lot of FOTDs recently. :(

Anyways, as with all products, everyone has different experiences. Please do your search before making a purchase (but apparently that didn't help me, just created such a high standard for the product performance).

Hope that was helpful for some of you. :)




jeanchristie said...

OMG you poor thing! :(
sounds nasty!

Kizzy said...

Awww :-(

Thanks for writing this review anyway! I know that products work differently for everyone, but it's good to read your experience.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Hope you get better... I know what you mean about those pimples underneath :( They are a pain!

Jacq said...

Skin care is sometimes really tricky! Too bad this cleanser doesn't work (I intended to try soap n glory but doesn't ship it to Hong Kong..)

I always use tea tree oil products (body shop or naruko) when my skin reacts.

Wish you heal soon!


Ashley said...

Agh sucks that this didn't treat your skin well. I actually love this cleanser to bits but I can't find it in stores where I am :(

Fannie said...

Sounds like a typical cream cleanser. It's definitely not for every skin type. Sorry to hear it didn't work for you and caused you to break out.

Jamilla Camel said...

OMG! Oily Skin + Cream Cleanser = disaster! Poor you! Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

You must be sensitive to cocoa butter as it's one of the main ingredients. It can cause acne. Hope your skin clears up soon.

Anonymous said...

Think you've hit the nail on the head there!

Good article btw.

Elisa said...

OMG! NOOOO! Thanks for writing this review and letting us know. I will definitely not take my chances with this product!