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Friday, December 30, 2011

Review: Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub

I'm sure many of you have purchased (or at least thought about purchasing) the Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub after seeing Kandee Johnson mentioning it in several of her videos.

I did too. And I regretted it.

This was one of the PvP products I wanted to use up for the month of December...

Yeah, that didn't happen. I realized that every time I used it my face breaks out in giant cystic acne. I threw it away half way through because the plain sight of this brings out the monster in me.

This is what Burt's Bee's website claims:
Infused with refreshing Sweet Orange and Grapefruit Oils, this facial scrub removes dirt, oil and makeup. Formulated with Ground Almonds, Oats and Pecans to gently exfoliate while Sweet Almond Oil and Glycerin help moisturize your skin. It’s something to celebrate!

• Helps removes dirt, oil and make-up with a blend of Sweet Orange and Grapefruit Oils
• Exfoliates gently with Ground Almonds, Oats and Pecans 
• Helps moisturize skin with Sweet Almond Oil and Glycerin 

Product in action:
How it looks in the jar. It's a thick dry paste.
I use about a tablespoon for my whole face.
It's really dry y'all (practicing my Southern accent).
Add some water to it to make it thinner.
Start scrubbin'.
--Affordability. You get a lot of product for a little under $8.
--Accessibility. You can pretty much find this at every health food store/drugstore.
--Scent. Smells exactly like pumpkin pie. GOOD pumpkin pie.
--Customization. You can adjust the abrasiveness of this scrub by changing the amount of water you add to it. It can be a deep exfoliation or a light scrub/facewash.
--Natural ingredients. You pretty much can eat this if you wanted.

--Packaging. I dislike having to dip into the heavy glass jar to attempt at scooping out hard scrub.
--Usage. There is a learning curve. You have to experiment with the amount of water before finding the "perfect" texture. I still haven't quite mastered it.
--Left a wierd film on my face which lead to...
--Expiration date. Since it's all natural, you have to use it up quickly before it expires. Hence why I chose it for PvP in the first place.

All in all, it was a good scrub. I had high hopes for it because of the claims/ingredient list/celeb endorsement (yeah, Kandee Johnson is a celeb in my opinion). My skin just didn't like it. Your mileage may vary, so I advice getting a sample/travel size before fully commit to buying the full size. $8 is still $8. That's like 8 things of chicken nuggets at Wendy's (Yes, I'm pretty much obsessed with that place).

Anyway, hope that was helpful for some of you . Here's a video of me talking about it in more details:

Enjoy. I'm boarding the plane soon. :)



Lululand said...

Hey Tao,

Thanks for the review. I've been looking for a face scrub to hopefully help me eliminate all the dry flakes on my skin because of the harsh winter weather. I moisturize like crazy but they're still there and it's driving me nuts =_=". I think i'll try and grab one of these :)

Have a safe flight!

Jacq said...

SAFE flight and best new year wishes to you!!!!!

this scrub sounds like a good leg scrub to me! :P

anyway~~~~ Have the best 2012 ever!!!

Hee103 said...

Thank you for the review.
I watched the Kandee's video too, and had planned to get one, but I forgot about it...hahaha
Now I read your review, I can prepare not to have high expectation :p
I will try it :)

Have a wonderful new year!

Fatima said...

Hey! I used to use this scrub. I didn't really hate it but wasn't too in love with it either. It did minimize my acne problems I believe. I guess it's because different skin take different products :)