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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I'm going to miss the most...

Whenever you move, there are bound to be things you leave you behind. 

I don't care about clothes (as you can tell from my lack of OOTDs, shopping for business professional clothes has been a huge pain); I can deal with shrinking my makeup stash; I will find ways to stay connected with Nathan. 

However, my can't bear to think about life without my babies. 

Yes, they can be a pain, but just look at their sweet faces!! Please excuse the horrendously messing background. Packing/organizing is NOT my strong suit.
Is it just me or does Happy look scholarly here?

Yep, I think I will miss Phlooof and Happy the most. 

I'm seriously getting cold feet about this move guys. *thinks happy thoughts*

I would take Happy with me but I'll only be in Atlanta for 6 months (I will then get relocated again-destination unknown). I don't want him to go through flying/getting moved around. Besides he seems happy with the companionship of Phlooof. 

This is going to suck. BIG TIME. 

More blog posts coming up shortly, including a swap from Jacq!

Stay tuned!



Jacq said...

your cats look chubby and eatable. XD

Marge said...

who will take care of them? if i may ask? i have three. i'm dying of allergies but i can't bear the thought of not having my cats around =(

serenity. said...

Sorry that you have to leave your pets behind, Tao. Hopefully you'll be placed in a permanent location asap. In the mean time, you're moving to Atlanta! I hope you have an amazing experience here!

Tao said...

Jacq: Happy totally has Diabetes. I'm not even gonna lie.

Marge: While I'm away, Nathan will take care of them. Technically Phlooof is his and Happy is mine.

Serenity: I know! Hopefully it will be somewhere nice. I kinda don't want to be in Alabama or Mississippi, just sayin'. LOL!

Marge said...

Glad to hear the kits will be in safe hands.

Things will even out in the end and you will find your spot in this world. hahaha i'm still lookin' for mine along with my 3kits LOL.

best of luck in the new year ^_^