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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Surf Baby FOTD & An Issue to be Discussed

Thank you so much to all of you who participated in my last blog sale. It was very successful. All the packages are on their way to lovely homes. :) It should take 3-7 business days for all domestic orders, a few weeks fro international ones.

As many of you know, I've had blog sales for quite a while now. This is not only for stash purging purposes (it's a big part though), it's also a way for people to get their hands on some things they want at great prices. I have built up a great clientele base that come back and shop time after time. I think many of you can vouch for me that I am a legitimate blog seller and I have never EVER received payment and not deliver.

Usually when I do blog sales I ship the items to the address listed on the paypal account, unless the person messages me either via Paypal (noted at the bottom of the payment), Blogger, or email right after the payment is sent. You all know how fast I sent out packages since I live literally 3 steps away from a post office, LOL! Generally, if you made the payment then your package will be on its way to you in less than 12 hours.

When you sent me an email and I don't respond within a day, it's safe to assume that it ended up in my junk mail file. I check my email inbox daily, but almost never the junk mail. I'm sure many of you had experienced the how sometimes the legitimate mails end up in the junk mail box. If you needed to contact me urgently, go ahead and leave me a comment on my blog along with the email address. I moderate comments so I read every single one of them. It's a better way to contact me.

Blog sales are a lot of work. Ask any blogger who's held a blog sale. The process of taking pics is tedious; the feeling of selling beloved items are mixed; and once in a long while, you get that one customer who makes you wonder if blog sales are worth it.

Despite all of that, I still think blog sales are fun. It's great to hear back from so many of you when you get your packages and love everything. I have tried my best to deliver a pleasant experience. I will continue to improve and have more in the future, but I need you on board with me. Together, we can create a win-win situation without feeling frustrated. :)

All of that aside, let's take a look at my Surf Baby FOTD.

Again, we have to do a look from the face charts. Mine is Hibiscus.

Here's mine:

What I used:

--MAC F&B in C2
--Dior Long Wearing Moisturizing concealer in 520
--Coverblend concealer in light on top of dior
--Ben Nye poudre visage in banana

--MAC Careblend bronzer in Light Lush Bronze
--MAC blush in Harmony to contour
--MAC My Paradise blush <--little bit goes a LOOOOOOONG way, like...all the way to China long.
--MAC Soft & Gentle MSF

--MAC Soft Ochre paint pot
--MAC Short Shorts on brow bone
--Kryolan e/s in Gold on lid blended into crease
--MAC espresso on the outer crease
--Ben Nye Grande Lumiere e/s in Jade on lower lashline

--Supposed to be Hibiscus but I don't have it, so I did Viva Cyndi l/s.

More pics:

I hope you enjoyed this guys. More FOTDs coming up soon! :)



Saturday, May 21, 2011

What happens when I properly brush my hair...

I don't know if anyone knew this, but I NEVER EVER brush my hair.

My hair routine is wash my hair at night, let it air dry, sleep on it to get rid of the frizz, and that's it. My hair is not stick straight like what most Asians have. It has a slight wave to it...not that I don't like it, but I want my hair to look sleek on some days.

A few days ago I took a wide tooth comb to my hair when it was damp, and the result was pretty impressive.

This is what my hair looked like...Yeah, excuse the orange-yness.

And because my hair was so sleek I wanted to do more of a classic look to go with it.

What I used:

--MAC Pro Longwear foundation in NC20
--MAC Studio Finish concealer NW20
--Ben Nye Poudre Visage in Banana
--NYC bronzer in sunny

--PF Bronze Booster in Light to medium
--MAC Blush in Harmony to contour
--MAC Blush in Peachykeen
--MAC Soft & Gentle MSF

--MAC Soft Ochre paintpot
--MAC Blanc Type on brows
--MAC Patina on lid
--MAC Goldmine on inner lower lid
--Stila Nanda Devi on brows and outer lower lid
--Stila smudgepot in black

--MAC Sheen Supreme in Full Speed

More pics:

So apparently the rapture is happening today. Guess who's working during the supposed rapture? *raises hand*

I have to go get ready for work now. Hmm....I need to figure out what my "Rapture FOTD" would be. I gotta go out with a bang. LMAO!!!

Have a great day guys!



Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moderately Strenuous? Pic heavy, enter at your own risk

I posted this 2 days ago and could read it online and everything. Fast forward 2 hrs and Blogger's no longer working. I didn't think much of it until the next day...The post vanished.

I swear to God, if Blogger somehow makes this post disappear again, I'd slap a baby prostitute. HARD.

Anyways, I've been pretty obsessed with hiking lately. I was never the outdoors-y type. I'd take staying indoor with my beloved computer (w/ lighting fast internet) and TV over spending a day at the beach ANYDAY. However, the weather has been PERFECT in Boulder lately (not today's my day off and it's gloomy and cold....). I want to take advantage of the amazing weather before it gets extremely hot.

I finally had a day off last week and was feeling bored/lazy at home, so I checked online for different hiking trails in Boulder. Luckily we live right by the mountains, so we had easy access to a bagillion of hikes.

After some careful consideration, I chose Royal Arches.

Round-Trip Length:3.2 miles
Start - End Elevation:5,710' - 6,915' (6,915' max elevation)
Elevation Change:+1,205' net elevation gain (+1,417' total roundtrip elevation gain)
Skill Level:Moderately Strenuous
Pet Regulations:Dogs Allowed

This is the description of the trail. They get REALLY technical here. I was all o.O <--Does not compute.
Royal Arch is perched high along a rugged fold in the Boulder Flatirons. These rocks are remnants of the Fountain Formation, a mineral-rich sand eroded from the ancestral Rocky Mountain uplift 300 million years ago. Sediments deposited by the ebb and flow of inland oceans compressed this layer into sandstone, thrust upward 45 million years ago by the same tectonic forces that created our modern Rocky Mountains. Royal Arch is a fragment of the exposed Fountain Formation sculpted by water, wind and mechanical erosion into the 20’ span we see today.

The following describes the most direct route to Royal Arch, which begins at the Chautauqua Ranger Station and climbs Bluebell Road to access the Royal Arch Trail:

Bluebell Road rises steadily over Chautauqua Park past the Mesa Trail junction (.6 miles : 6,005’) and Bluebell Shelter to the official beginning of the Royal Arch Trail (.7 miles : 6,095’). The Royal Arch Trail narrows through mixed pine to a connection for Flatiron #2 and #3 and bends south up a steep, narrow gulch (.9 miles : 6,188’). Note apple, plumb and maple in this ecologically varied riparian corridor.

The trail steepens considerably as it breaks away from the upper-gulch into a thick, cluttered forest (1.2 miles : 6,530’). It continues strenuously and without reprieve to Sentinel Pass (1.35 miles : 6,768’), a rocky notch at the top of Bluebell Canyon. Examine close-up cross-sections of the Flatiron rock formations before pressing on.

The trail drops from Sentinel pass about 100’ and resumes a demanding, twisting climb over the steady trickle ofTangen Spring to the base of Royal Arch (1.6 miles : 6,915’). Walk under Royal Arch to a set of rocky outcrops with sweeping views over the Boulder foothills, eastern plains and, on a clear, downtown Denver.

I made Nathan go with me. He was all: "Nuh-UH! I have to do research (AKA playing Starcraft with his lab mates)!" Then I called him a wuss and made fun of him for being whiter than sour cream. He reluctantly agreed to go on the trail with me, but not before making me fully aware that I would be entirely on my own if I fell off the trail.

On with the pics:
At the base of the mountain.

Ah...we were soo naive. We were just chillaxing and scoffing at the idea of this trail being "moderately strenuous". Where is the moderately strenuous part? Pfffffft.
Oh shiz....
Oh HALE NAW!!! We be dead.
After many near death experiences, we finally got to the top. Celebratory picture pose! Note to self: This is exactly why I need a DSLR camera. *adds to B-day wishlist*
Look ma! A donut!!
The view really is amazing. It got kinda overcast cuz we took forever to get to the top, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Spot those CRAZY ASS ppl hanging out at the edge of the cliff.
I was being a wuss...What can I say? I have a terrible fear for heights.
Overall it was a terrific experience! Sure, the hill was steep and our knees ached, but we had so much fun.

It was a great bonding time for Nathan and I. We have rather opposite schedules. I often don't get home til 10pm and he leaves early to go to school. We don't get to spend a lot of time together because I always crash when I get home (it's very hard to keep up the emotional display all day). This is a great way to get some cadio in while having fun with each other. It didn't feel like we were exercising! Plus, it's FREE! YAY!

I hope this post has inspired you to go out and see what mother nature has to offer. Trust me, it's amazing!

Enjoy your Sundays!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why So Blue FOTD

Well, in this case it's more of an aqua color.

I have to be honest, I HATE pastel colors. Screw those Easter colors. When I do colors (I'm more neutral 99% of the time) I like the vibrant OMG IN-YOUR-FACE colors.

However, with the launch of Fashion Flowers, I had to create a look using MAC Aqua e/s. Not gonna lie, I was freaking out because blues generally don't look good on me (my golden skin turns blue into an ugly green color), not to mention light light aqua blue.

After some experiment, I found out that when you wear any unconventional color on the lid, the look can still be very wearable as long as you have a more neutral shade in the crease.

So this is my look:

What I used:

--MAC F&B foundation in C2
--EL Doublewear max coverage in creamy vanilla on pimples
--NYC bronzer in Sunny

--MAC Harmony to contour <--works surprisingly well
--MAC Blush in Blushbaby
--MAC Soft & Gentle MSF

--MAC Soft Ochre paintpot
--MAC e/s in Aqua
--MAC e/s in Kid in the crease
--MAC e/s in Dazzlelight to highlight
--MAC e/s in Deep Truth on lower lash line
--Stila smudgepot in Black
--Stila kajal liner in Topaz
--Model 21 falsies in #36 with half of #25T on the outer corner

--I later threw on Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Monte Carlo <--LOOOOOOOOOOVE!! It would TOTALLY be mine if it weren't $32 + tax

Close ups: I know I messed up the liner, but no one paid attention, LOL!

More cam whore

I really like how this look is so summery. I can't deny that I'm starting to like aqua a little more now. I hope this look inspired you to try out some "scary" colors. You might really like the result. Remember, it's just makeup. If you don't like the result, just wash it off. :)

Have a great day guys!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Am I an Extreme Couponer?

First of all, special shout out to my friends Indira and Siobhan!!! I know you guys are stalking my blog. :)

I don't know how many people watch the show Extreme Couponing on TLC, but that show drives me bonkers!! It's basically a show about how some people spend their lives collecting coupons and get $2000 worth of groceries for $2.

Yes, it's organized hoarding. Crazy lady, do you REALLY need 53 bottles of Maalox? Maybe, because you got 100 LBS OF CHEESE!!!!

I despise that show and everything it stands for. However, on a peaceful Sunday afternoon, I realized that, maybe sometimes, I could be an extreme couponer as well.

This is my loot from Rite Aid:

My receipt:
Coupon saving:

So I got over $40 worth of products for $1.8 after tax. Not too shabby. Oh, and because I got the 2 Revlon beauty tools, I got $4 Up Rewards back!! So in summary, the haul costed me -$2.

The Covergirl products were 40% off and I had $25 in Up Rewards (like you get money get when you buy certain things). The receipt said "hearing aid" because I had a $10 Up Rewards but the register couldn't read it (it was too wrinkled), so the very nice cashier found some random  $2 off coupon in the book and scanned it 5 times.

I'm really satisfied with the haul because these are some products I've been eyeing for a while now. I REFUSE to pay full prize for drugstore products because I know sooner or later they'd go on sale.

Some classic goodies I got:
--Cover Girl e/s trio in Shimmering Sand
--Cover Girl e/s trio in Golden Sunset
--Cover Girl e/s quad in Coffee Shop

I hope this post has inspired some of you to start taking advantage of the sales your local drugstores have.

Just don't go crazy on me, ok? Don't come back and tell me that you got 8000 packs of yogurt just because they were on sale for $0.1 each, got that?

Have a great week guys!



Monday, May 2, 2011

The wonder of MAC Face & Body foundation

Summer's letting closer!

What does that mean? People want to be tan, tan, TAN!!!

Are you like me, who embrace their natural paleness and don't want to come close to the harmful rays of the sun, yet still want to look bronzey for the special occasion?

If your answer is yes, then go to the MAC store and get yourself a bottle of MAC Face & Body foundation (get whatever color you want, preferably a deeper shade for summer).

I'm typically a C2, but I got a bottle of C5 to use on my legs. I very rarely wear shorts/skirts, but when I do, I don't want my paleness to blind people. It's also be proven that darker color makes people look thinner.

I did a comparison for your enjoyment:

I'm pretty sure you can tell which is before and which is after.

What I love the most about F&B is how natural it looks. I've tried a lot of self tanners and to be honest, none of them looked natural. They all looked orangey. The first day I wore F&B on my legs to work, my co-workers asked if I've been out in the sun. They were surprised at "how tan I am". I apply it with my hands, rub it in, and layer for a more tanned look.

F&B is designed to be waterproof and transfer resistant, so don't worry about it getting on everything. You bet that I would be flaunting my (F&B covered) gams this summer. :) This is literally like silk stockings for your legs.

At $32 for 4oz, hell I'd used it ALL OVER!! :)

Thanks for reading guys! Happy Monday!