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Friday, June 1, 2012

Goodbye Atlanta...

and Hello Seattle!

Sorry for my absence in the last couple of months, I was very busy with panel finals as well as going through a very intense placement process. I thought the first few months of my training was hard, but then once we got to placement time and it's just like:

Thank you to all of you who made suggestions as to what location is the most awesome. I ended up choosing Seattle because it rains here (lol) and the position I'm in AMAZING! 

I just landed on Wednesday and dropped by my office on Thursday to meet the team. I started my first day officially today. :)

So far I LOVE the people I work with and the people in Seattle in general are just sooo nice! 

I live the Bellevue area, so for those who live around here and want to meet up, just leave me a comment and hopefully we can work something out. :)



caomei said...

That's great! : ) Closer to me but still kinda far maybe lol. oneday we can meet! im live in Tacoma.

Kay said...

Sounds like you made a GREAT decision on Seattle! When you get some free time to relax you should head up to Vancouver, Canada! It's my hometown and there's a ton to do/eat/buy! lol

Beauty and the Scientist said...

Yay!!! congrats on the move to Seattle. Things can only get better from here and I can't wait until you're settled and can blog/YT more :)

Congrats again Tao :)

Leticia - Cosmetics Aficionado said...

O-M-G!!! You live across the water from me!!!! I am a ferry ride from Seattle. :)

diachu604 said...

Welcome to the West Coast Tao : )

I live in Vancouver Canada and frequently hop to Seattle.

Would love to meet up in Seattle/Bellvue or would love to adivse events and places in my hometown.

Drop me a line if you are interested.
Cheers : )

ps. Miss you on youtube : )

Ashley said...

Ahh I love that so many of my favorite bloggers are closer to me now! Although, Settle is still like a 3-4 hour drive from Vancouver :P
Good to hear you like it in Seattle!

Lan said...

Congrats on the new location! I'm glad you love the people and place. :)

Ji-Soo said...

YAYYY congratulations and welcome to Seattle...Bellevue? =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Tao!

Congrats on moving to Seattle!!

places I recommend you visit are:

*Pike Place Market(staple of Seattle, Starbucks,flower market,food ;)
*Queen Anne District for food and shopping...(p.s if you like sushi head to sushiland :)
*University Village, youth scene.(love this trader joe's store! and Buffalo Exchange for thrifting!)P.s really like the U-Village for shopping it is really one of my faves for staples such as H&M,Forever 21 ect.
*Donner Berliner: If you are ever in Pioneer Square head over to eat the #1!!!
*Seattle Art Museum: every first thursday of the month and some saturdays most museums are free.
*Food trucks....
*DAISO-Japanese Dollar Store.
*Uwajimaya in Chinatown(fresh produce and really good for sushi and sashimi on the go!)
p.s there is still ballard,fremont and capitol hill that you have to explore and in general washington got to leavenworth the little bavarian village.

:) Happy travels!


Jessica said...

Tao! You are in my hometown. I'm in Portland, OR but it would be fun to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to hop to Victoria, BC. Its just a ferry ride from Seattle, take the Clipper.

MissAntonia90 said...

Seattle is AWESOME! :)
I live about 3 hours away from its cool to know that a fellow YT'er lives closeish.

I hope things work out great for you & good luck on the job! :D


iamgreen08 said...

You picked Seattle, Great choice. Its a beautiful place and it doesn't get hot like here in kali. thats so great. if im ever in Seattle ill let you know.

enjoy your new place and new job

Anonymous said...

i'm really happy things worked out for u!

Kim Baird said...

Congrats on the big move! I love Seattle and so glad you chose the Emerald City. It's absolutely lovely up there! I'm hoping to move back myself as I'm currently in Phoenix. Hopefully not for long as I do miss the rain!

Jacq said...


i'm just back from my trip to tokyo and there's such a load to unpack... i have some exciting news to share with you too - maybe i can write you an email some time!

enjoy seatle!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Seattle!! I live a few miles away from Bellevue and LOVE it here. you're gonna have the best time here, Seattle summers are so nice and the scenery is incredible :)

Elisha said...

That's amazing! I live in Walla Walla Wa, haha. It's a bit far but it would be cool to travel for a meet up:)

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