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Friday, August 3, 2012

New Found Love ep. 1: Wet n' Wild Color Icon Bronzer-Reserve Your Cabana

First of all, THANK YOU to all of you who followed me on Instagram under Iamgrape1119!! For those of you who want more frequent updates from me, it's best to do it on Instagram. I love sharing bits and pieces of my life with you all, and Instagram makes it a lot easier. I will get better at OOTDs though, promise!

Next up, yes I know it's supposed to be Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cream Foundation. However, since I haven't had the chance to take a before/after pic of the product in action, I've decided to post a review for another one of my favorite products at the moment. 

Enter Wet n' Wild Color Icon Bronzer in 743A Reserve Your Cabana. 

I recently spotted this at my local Walgreens for about $5. You get A LOT of products with this, a whoppin' 13 grams!! That will last you a LOOONG time! I've been using this product on a daily basis and it doesn't even look like I've touched it.

First of all, the name of the product is misleading. This particular color Reserve Your Cabana is in NO way a bronzer. I mean, unless you are whiter than Casper, then fine, try it as a bronzer. I am NC30 right now (I know right? I got tan!), and this makes a great natural highlighter. 

Instead of glitters or extreme shimmers like some highlighter, Reserve Your Cabana has a very subdued sheen. It looks almost like your natural skin, but better. 
A SLIGHT drawback with this bronzer is that it's pressed rather loosely, so unless you want to look super frosty, make sure to use a lighter hand when picking up the product. I like to use a stippling brush such as the MAC 187 and lightly dust this over my cheekbones, nose, and any other area you'd like to highlight. 

This also make for a wonderful browbone highlight. It's so natural yet still offer that pizzazz to tie the entire look together. 

This is definitely a produce I would HIGHLY recommend. There are 2 additional deeper colors that I'd like to try out soon. I will keep you posted though. :)

Hope this was helpful for you. Please let me know if you have any other questions. :)

Have a great one!




JW said...

Wow! That definitely doesn't even look like a bronzer, lol.
AMAZING highlighter though! Wow I might just go search for that because it looks gorgeous!

Jacq said...

nice to see you featuring new loves! and i'm enjoying stalking you on instagram very much!

i know we have a lot of different brands here in HongKong, but the US drugstore brands are always so reasonably cheap and attractive.. :S plus I need a pilgrimage to the US sephora.....

happy back to blogging Tao! :D

Anne Seo said...

Hi Tao! OMG why didn't I think of your blog! I have been wondering about your absence on youtube, if you were okay with everything! I'm just one of your subscribers who reallllly enjoys all your videos! and today I came across your blog. Just wanted to say hi! and hope all is well for you :) can't wait to see you again on YT! :)

chl03x22 said...

Definitely gona try this out! btw can you recommend a moisture serum? Too bad your fav from avon is on a hunt for a moisture serum. Please help! :)

Amanda said...

hi tao. the shiseido lasting lift mascara has been discontinued. can u recommend me another one babe?

blogatka said...

I use bronzer brand Yves Rocher, but the desire to try this, which wrote

Jacq H said...

I awarded you a Beautiful Blogger Award... Do this 'tag' if you have time!!!


Stephanie Clark- In Her Makeup Bag said...

I seriously walk by this and look at it almost every time I go to the drugstore. It looks perfect for a subtle daytime highlighter (which is what I like 99% of the time!).

I actually know some girls who use this as an allover face (setting) powder- which I can't knock until I try, but it's always seemed a BIT too highlighter-y to me. Guess it's time to pick it up. :)