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Friday, November 22, 2013

And so it happened.... (Life update #2)

I got engaged :) Since many of you requested a blog post dedicated to this, I figured to oblige (since I owe you a long v
The bling we picked out together.
I never thought it'd happen this quickly, but just after dating for 7 months, I accepted the proposal from my then-BF B. 

Many may think that we moved too fast. To be honest, if one of my friends got engaged after just 7 months of dating, I'd probably think the same. 

I've always wondered "How do you know if the person's THE one?". I've asked several of my married friends that same questions. 

Their answers are unanimously "When the right person comes along, you just know". I've doubted that, especially since my last long-term relationship (with whom I thought was the right person) ended. 

However, after meeting B, I'm now a convert. 
One of the few normal looking couple pics of us.
I realized that it was more of a comfort thing with Nathan, and it was more of a physical fling with my last ex. Things are just different with B. We connect deeply mentally, and without going into too much details, physically as well. ;) I know it's cliche, but we are eachother's best friend. 

Sure, we have our challenges, but no matter what differences we have, we always hug it out. Our rule is to always end the night with "I love you". 

Our Friday night dates consist of Costco, discount shops, and Netflix. We don't do anything fancy, but just knowing we have eachother's company is more than enough. 

This is how we roll:
We leave eachother notes all the time. He left me this jokingly a few weeks ago. 
He originally proposed with a ring pop. Ain't nobody could say no to a ring pop. Ain't nobody. 
Most of our couple pics look like these:
In China Town in Vancouver.

With our dog Nugs. Families that derp together, stay together.
I can't picture life without B, and I have a creative imagination. This one's here's to stay. :) 

I hope this answered some questions. Feel free to post more in the comment section. 

Happy Friday everyone!