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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hello 2015 | New Year Goals

Hi guys!

I hope your 2015 has been great so far.

Mine has been quite busy. Bryan and I went to Ikea since I’ve been meaning redecorate my office. We bought a new office/makeup desk that would be better for filming. I will do a post on my office/makeup room arrangement when I’m done rearranging everything.

The whole redecoration phase stemmed from Bryan’s and my goals for the new year. As always, when the new year starts, it’s almost as if your drive and ambition just received a dose of adrenaline. Ever since I got married, a lot of my goals changed to be inclusive of my family (Bryan, Nugs, and Inkers).

Unlike previous years, this time Bryan and I had a sit down and discussed what goals we both want to accomplish in 2015:
  • Find a new house: Currently we are taking a break from house hunting for a new house. Bryan bought our current one in Seattle in 2013 when we just started going out. While we love it, the location is a little too city for my personal taste. The location might be ideal to a lot of people (you know, close to downtown and there are always interesting things happening), but I prefer something that’s more…suburb-y. We started looking in Bellevue mid-2014, but had to take a break since the real-estate market in Seattle/Bellevue area was getting ridiculous. However, we are determined to find a perfect house in the suburbs in 2015. 
  • Save more: Reduce, reuse, recycle. The rule is not just a part of an environmental effort, it also works for personal finances. Both Bryan and I have a little bit of online shopping addiction. It’s just so easy to go online, a quick little clicks, and BOOM. Packages arrive and money disappears. This year, we’ve decided to cut down on our frivolous spending. I spend mainly on makeup, he spends on his toys (he likes to collect Kid Robot figuring…I know….), and collectively, we both love to eat out. Those are the main areas we’d like to cut down. While we are fortunate enough to not have any debt and have our emergency fund saved up, our main goal this year would be to increase our savings by 30%.
  • Organize more: This goes hand in hand with the previous goal. Know what you have. I don’t need 15 different blushes that are “peachy-pink with gold shimmer”, nor do I need 28 different black V-neck boyfriend-T’s. Instead of cleaning out the closet/cabinets/drawers once a season, we aim to do a deep organization/cleaning once a month.
  • Do something for my YT/Blog everyday: Be it filming, taking pics for blog posts, or editing, do SOMETHING everyday to improve my “brand”. What I’m super excited about is how supportive Bryan is on this whole matter. Not only is he willing to show up in my videos and blog posts, he even gives me ideas on what videos I should film. I’m forever grateful that my husband offers to help me set up all my makeup organizers, because God knows I don’t have any patience for that. With the love and support from Bryan, I will take this whole makeup hobby of mine a little more seriously. J

What are your 2015 goals? Please leave a comment, as I’d love to hear them!




arsyparsy said...

Awesome set of new years resolutions! You have definitely helped me define #3 for me.

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