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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Quick Drugstore Haul: February 2015

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Today I’d like to share a little impromptu haul. I was just wandering around the makeup aisles at my local Walmart/Ulta like a cool kid. I cannot wrap my head around just how many new collections/products are out for Spring 2015.

I really had to restrain myself and only picked up a few things:

What I picked up at Walmart:

Milani Floral Blush in 05 Coral Love—It’s a beautiful matt pure coral. It’s a LITTLE chalky when swatched, but we’ll see how it performs on the cheeks. The color is TO DIE FOR though!

Wet N’ Wild Come Correct Celebrity Concealer in Fair (Forgot to take a close up pic)—Let’s be honest. Who could turn down a product with a name that’s full of alliteration for only $3.99?  

What I picked up at Ulta (I kinda went cray since they were on sale):

Ulta Color Pure pigment—A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I cannot even
with flash L-R: Henna, Messa, YOLO, Icing, Sepia, Riviera
without flash L-R: Henna, Messa, YOLO, Icing, Sepia, Riviera  
I can’t wait to play around with the goodies :D Please stay tuned for more detailed reviews!



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