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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review: Flower Beauty Shine On Lipgloss

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all staying warm. I am forever freezing for some reason; guess my body just can’t adjust to the weather in the PNW. I have so many burn marks on my body from sitting too close to the heater L

Today I’d like to review and swatch the Flower Beauty Shine On Glosses by Drew Barrymore.

Drew Barrymore’s cosmetics line Flower Beauty has been getting a lot of attention from the online beauty community. While I wasn’t active for the most part of 2012-2014, I’ve used Drew’s line (mainly lip products) for a while, so I figured it that it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and review the items I have.

I have several shades from the Flower Shine On lipglosses. All of them are crรจme finish. They contain no shimmer/glitter, nor do they give off any taste. They do have a faint floral (maybe rose?) scent though.
  • What a Dai-sy!
  • Baby’s Breath
  • Iris I Could Fly
  • Hibis-kiss

What a Dai-sy!, Baby's Breath, Iris I Could Fly, Hibis-kiss

Aren’t the names so cute?! They are all flower inspired.

What a Dai-sy is a creamy peachy-nude shade.  It nudes out the pigments of my lips quite nicely. It’s not my personal favorite as it sinks into my lip lines and the light shade washes me out.

Baby’s Breath is a light baby pink. It’s semi-opaque. While the shade looks better on me than What a Dai-sy, the same issues remain. However, with a bit more color to my skin, I think I could actually pull this color off.

Pretty in Petunia is a great reddish coral shade. It’s a perfect spring/summer shade.

Hibis-kiss is a face-brightening cool-toned bright pink. This shade makes my teeth look so white! Love it!

The glosses come in with a doe-foot applicator in a clear container. I like how clean the white top looks. However, I hate HATE how the name is not written anywhere on the tube once you peel off the barcode. You have a number indicating what that shade is, but let’s be honest, no one could remember that.

The texture of the Shine On glosses is quite nice. They are a bit thicker than my favorite NYX Butter Glosses but definitely not sticky. The lasting power is a lot better due to the thicker texture, and my lips look well moisturized and plump.

Overall, I think these are great drugstore glosses. I would highly recommend these if you’re looking for a gloss that gives off that watery mirro-like shine. For $8 apiece, it’s a good buy in my opinion.

Have you tried the Flower Shine On glosses? What do you think? Please let me know down below.

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!



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